As some of you may unfortunately remember from earlier this year, Via Rail was giving away unbelievably cheap $150 rail passes for youth passengers across the country. Unfortunately, due to understandably high demand, they had to cap the passes and they sold out quickly.

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While I can't guarantee you'll be able to travel coast-to-coast, luckily there's still some solid weekend trips that can be planned this summer on the train. Ottawa, being located at the crossroads of Quebec and Ontario, is ideally located near some of Canada's largest and culturally diverse cities, such as Toronto and Montreal. Best of all - they're all within a fairly low budget.

Here's 7 Via Rail train rides from Ottawa for $250 (round-trip) and under:

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Montreal // Price: $66

Dates: July 14 - July 16

Things to do in Montreal / Book this trip

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Toronto // Price: $102

Dates: July 6 - July 9

Things to do in Toronto / Book this trip

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Quebec // Price: $132

Dates: July 20 - July 23

Things to do in Quebec / Book this trip

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Kingston // Price: $105

Dates: July 28 - July 30

Things to do in Kingston / Book this trip

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Niagara Falls // Price: $175

Dates: July 27 - July 30

Things to do in Niagara Falls / Book this trip

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Belleville // Price: $126

Dates: July 13 - July 16

Things to do in Belleville / Book this trip

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Windsor // Price: $223

Dates: July 20 - July 23

Things to do in Windsor / Book this trip

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