As the internet starts to grow bigger and bigger, if that's even possible, we start to recognize online creators that are extremely talented and it's even better when we realize they live in the same city as us. Sure, celebrities that were born and or raised in the same city as us is pretty cool, but with online creators it seems like we could get to know them on a more personal level. YouTube is a way to let out your creativity in any way you want which is why so many people relate to these creators. Whether you're a vlogger, a beauty guru, a fitness channel, or a DIY queen, there is always someone who wants to watch your videos and sees you as a friend.

It's a weird concept to some that someone would talk to a camera alone, in the streets or in their room, and it not sound creepy or inappropriate. But we swear, it's addicting and the hard work of these creators definitely pays off by seeing the subscriber count go up. Supporting local YouTubers gives you a cool feeling, knowing you were where they were in their vlog a week ago, and being able to relate on more than a personality vibe. So here are 8 Ottawa based YouTubers you have to check out and give some love to!

1. WolfieRaps

WolfieRaps is a hilarious YouTuber that posts basically everything you can think of. His channel consists of pranks, challenges, parodies and covers which makes his channel super relatable. His bigger than life personality is the reason why he has over a million subscribers.

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2. Joey Kidney

Joey Kidney is a 20 year old YouTuber that strives to inspire others to find self happiness and to be nice to others. He seems like a mini JoshuaDTV in that sense, and he posts advice videos that are relevant to his age group as well as some challenge videos. He claims to not be a relationship guru, but his advice is always on point and definitely what every girl does but also doesn't want to hear.

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3. DavidParody

DavidParody became noticed on YouTube for his makeup parodies of popular beauty gurus back in the day. He then maintained and gained more subscribers by doing unreal challenges, such as the scary ghost pepper challenge (don't try that at home, kids). His username is kind of contradicting in the sense that he doesn't ever really do parodies, but somehow the name still works. How someone can complete so many challenges in their lifetime, I'm still not too sure.

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4. Sylvia Gani

Sylvia Gani is a beautiful and creative YouTuber that prides herself on her makeup skills, as well as DIYs, Q&As, fun tags and challenges. You may recognize her from her boyfriends videos, who is also on this list. She is currently dating WoflieRaps but her videos are obviously more targeted towards girls. They are relationship goals, and you can tell that she loves doing YouTube as much as he does. You can trust that her makeup is always on point, and her videos will always tell the truth.

Sylvia Gani

5. ChadWithaJ

ChadWithaJ is another comedic challenger and vlogger who loves to play YouTuber Guess Who (and we love to watch it). His videos lately has consisted of a lot of Pokémon GO, so if you're still into that you will love his videos. His personality is down to earth, and he does a lot of collabs with others in this article. The variety in his videos makes you always want to watch the newest one.

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6. Erin Elizabeth

Erin Elizabeth is a beauty blogger from Ottawa that focuses on hair tutorials that make us all feel like mermaids. Her videos are always grey themed, which give a relaxed feel and her videos never seem too done up or overly edited. Her humble personality makes you trust her opinion, and I mean, can you blame us? Look at her hair. She always has an amazing Instagram that goes along with the grey theme, with the same username if you want to check that out too!

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7. ItsYeBoi

This YouTuber gets excited about everything. His bubbly personality makes you want to watch all of his videos, and he makes you feel like his friend most of all. His typical guy videos still have hints of girliness when his girlfriend makes an appearance and his vlogs around Ottawa make you feel like you're right beside him hanging out. If you saw someone with a camera in front of their face the whole time at Bluesfest this year, that was probably him.

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8. Simply Nailogical

Simply Nailogical, also known as Cristine, will be the weirdest but coolest nail art YouTube channel you will ever come across. From glow in the dark, to gum ball nails, to her boyfriend doing her nails, there is a reason she has over 2 million subscribers! Her love for holographics will have you mesmerized and her quirky personality will leave you binge watching her unique videos for hours. She also has a Donald Trump nail tutorial so, eat your heart out.

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