2017 marks the 75th birthday of Carleton University, and when we look back, we can see that quite a few interesting people walked through the same tunnels we walk through today.

We had mayors, Oscar-nominated actors and, to no surprise, a number of famous journalists, study at some point of their lives at CU. Even some controversial figures have a history at Carleton. Here are 8 of the most notable celebrities to have gone to Carleton U:

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1. Shane Smith

Known for: Co-founder of VICE.

Studied: BA in English Literature and Political Science.

The co-founder and CEO of VICE transformed his small punk magazine into a global media brand that has produced some of the most gripping documentaries you won't see in the mainstream media. Smith himself has travelled off the map to a number of locations many journalists will never see, like North Korea.

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2. Dan Aykroyd

Known for: Oscar-nominated actor (Blues Brothers, Ghostbusters).

Studied: BA in Sociology and Criminology (didn't complete).

Ackroyd never completed his BA at Carleton but the actor went from a member of Carleton's Sock'n'Buskin theatre troupe to an Oscar-nominated role in Driving Miss Daisy (1989). But, we all really know him from Ghostbusters, right?

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3. James Duthie

Known for: TSN sportscaster.

Studied: Bachelor of Journalism.

Duthie completed the famous journalism program from the university and went on to become a TSN sportscaster. He hosted the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games and currently hosts The NHL on TSN.

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4. Rob Ford

Known for: Former Mayor of Toronto.

Studied: BA in Political Science (Dropped out after one year).

The recently-deceased Ford served as the former Mayor of Toronto from 2010 to 2014. He made headlines in 2013 when he became mixed up in a substance abuse scandal that would follow him for the rest of his career.

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5. Jim Watson

Known for: Mayor of Ottawa.

Studied: BA in Mass Communications.

Yes, the man who runs our city went to Carleton University. He started off his life in politics as president of the Rideau River Residence Association.

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6. Conrad Black

Known for: Media mogul.

Studied: BA in History.

Black owned one of the world's largest newspaper empires, controlling some of the world's largest daily newspaperslike The Daily Telegraph, The National Post and Chicago Sun-Times.

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7. Rosemary Barton

Known for: Host of Power and Politics on CBC.

Studied: Master of Journalism.

Barton hosts one of the most-watched political programs in the country and has interviewed some of the country's top politicians right here in the nation's capital.

Photo cred: Twitter

8. Karim Rashid

Known for: World-famous industrial designer.

Studied: Bachelor of Industrial Design.

One of the most famous designers in the world (TIME Magazine even considered him the most famous industrial designer in the Americas). He's won over 300 awards and has even been featured on Ellen.

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