Barrhaven: the only way to describe it is, you either hate it or you love it. It's not a terrible place to grow up, actually, it's not a bad place at all to grow up. According to everyone else in Ottawa, Barrhaven is where rich parents raise bratty kids who only wear clothing from Aritzia who also have never had a job until after they're done university or college. I mean, that might be true for some people but we're definitely not one big statistic. However, growing up in Barrhaven in the 90's and early 2000's was a lot different than it is now.

These days, driving around Barrhaven is like a maze you can't seem to get out of. It seems to never end, where as back in the day surrounding Strandherd Drive was a bunch of land, unlike now where all the land has a future plan that everyone is excited for.

Maybe Barrhaven isn't the best place to live in your twenties, since it's so damn far from everything. However, we all secretly want our kids to have the same experience we did growing up here. Now, that probably will never happen considering the 90's and early 2000's are long gone but we can relive the memories with these 8 signs that you grew up in Barrhaven.

1. RioCan was the popular hangout spot from ages 11 - 15.

But don't worry, everyone knew you were cool from the Strawberry Sunshine smoothie you were drinking from Booster Juice that you bought with your parents' money.

2. When Barrhaven was growing, you referred to both sides of the suburb as 'Old Barrhaven' and 'New Barrhaven.'

...and you still do. But hey, how else is someone supposed to know where you live?

3. You went to three of these four elementary schools:

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, St. Patrick, Monsieur Paul Baxter, or Mary Honeywell. Until St. Andrews was built, and it was like moving schools across the country.

4. Leaving Barrhaven for a field trip on a packed yellow bus was something you looked forward to for months.

Especially to the IMAX theatre, no one cared that you were about to sit through a two hour movie about whales. If it was in IMAX, there was no complaining.

5. The Barrhaven Fair was the highlight of everyone's summer, even though your parents insisted on coming.

And if you rode The Zipper without puking, you bragged about it for weeks.

6. That weird, creepy school on Jockvale Road that you used to take Girl Guides in.

Whether you were in Sparks or Brownies, you knew that basement was haunted.

7. Literally growing up eating breakfast at Broadway Bar and Grill.

For any occasion: Mother's Day, your Dad's birthday, after church on a Sunday, and of course, being secretly hungover (we won't specify at what age. Sorry mom.)

8. Having at least one of your birthday parties at Walter Baker in that small, chlorine filled "party" room.

And feeling so brave going down the huge yellow slide, or jumping off the smallest diving board.

Let me know all of your memories, or if I missed anything in the comments below!

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