Sometimes, we don't get enough credit for what we do best in life. It's just assumed we'll do our job, and that'll be that. But there are times when we need to be acknowledged for our talents. Women really do do it all, and these ladies are definitely an inspiration.

If you need inspo for your future career, or just to radiate some #girlpower, here are 8 Ottawa girls with badass jobs who don't quit:

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1. Holly Warner // Holistic Practitioner & Founder of The Wild Carrot

Holly Warner studied nutrition at Stanford University, and can now be more than trusted to help with your health issues. She believes in doing things naturally and believes that what you're experiencing isn't all in your head. She wants to help you feel the best that you can, and that's badass.

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2. Courtney Elizabeth // Wedding Planner

Wedding planning can be hard AF, and to do it gracefully is something that comes naturally. Courtney believes in a stress-free wedding day and by the looks of her portfolio, you'd be crazy not to hire her. This is the most important day of your life and Courtney doesn't believe in taking over, she just wants to make sure you and your loved one have your most perfect day.

3. Renée Mittelstaedt // Model

Renée is making waves in the model industry. Her natural beauty has been in a number of campaigns, such as ones for Aerie, Garage and Puma. She's also been featured in Seventeen Magazine, Nylon Magazine and LouLou Magazine. She definitely deserves all of this positive attention she's been getting!

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4. Aleysha Derksen // Full-time Yoga Instructor

Aleysha Derksen is a full-time yoga instructor all over Ottawa. She believes in good vibes, and a positive mindset. Once you leave her classes, you'll be feeling like a million bucks. She also offers private classes if you are interested in that as well as anti-gravity yoga. Honestly, what doesn't she do?

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5. Farah Halloum // Freelance Graphic Designer

Farah is an amazing freelance graphic designer whose portfolio speaks for itself. Her eye for detail is impeccable, and you can check out her portfolio here. Her work is always abstract and unique, which is rare these days. Don't we all wish we could be this talented?

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6. Katrina Karyofyllis // DJ & Producer

Katrina is an amazingly talented DJ and producer in Ottawa. She is the official DJ for Jump 106.9 and also the Ottawa club night resident for Revolution 93.5 Miami. If you follow her on Instagram, you'll know she's always travelling to and from Miami. Her life is definitely way cooler than mine is, but for obvious reasons. You can catch her DJing at local music festivals too.

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7. Emily Luciano // Style Blogger & Content Creator

Emily Luciano basically captures her everyday style, and does an amazing job at it. With around 220k followers on her Instagram, she gets to work with brands, travel to cool places and she does it all herself. Her outfit choices are so put together and she can be seen rocking some of them on billboards in the CF Rideau Centre.

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8. Chelsea Lundy // Finger Painter

Chelsea has built a following drawing pictures of others on her iPhone. Crazy, right? They look like an actual painting, and they're an amazing gift to give people for a wedding present, a birthday gift or for any celebration. The detail she puts in to her 'paintings' is impeccable, and it's definitely a badass and unique job for sure.

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