Cardio: One of the absolute worst parts about working out. When you're on a treadmill or elliptical for thirty minutes, standing in one spot, watching the news or Dr. Phil on the gym TV, it can get tedious. Nothing motivates you to run or get active than a change in routine and setting.

Now that the weather's getting nice again, there's no excuse to stay indoors to jog. Here's 9 places you can go for a scenic and easy run in and around Ottawa:

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Pine Grove Trail

This 5km loop passes through the largest forest in the Greenbelt on easy terrain in the south side of Ottawa.

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Rockcliffe Parkway

A classic, well-paved path that's often shared with cyclists on the scenic Ottawa River Parkway. You can find parts of the trail near Orleans and the Aviation Museum, but the most beautiful part of the route, in my opinion, is from Rideau Hall through Rockcliffe Park.

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Old Quarry Trail

One of four trails in the 40km network of tracks in the Stony Swamp area. Located in Nepean, the Old Quarry Trail takes you through an old quarry on a well-maintained, relatively flat asphalt road.

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Rideau Canal

Take the 7.8km track on the historic UNESCO World Heritage Canal in the downtown core. At the end of the jog, you reach Dow's Lake (if going south) and can relax on Mooney's Bay Beach afterwards.

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Jack Pine Trail

Jog on compact soil or the boardwalk area (there's two sections of the trail) in Nepean. You can easily access the area from Moodie Drive with a parking lot awaiting you right off the road.

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King Mountain Trail

A short, 2km loop in Gatineau that eventually leads you to the top of the highest lookout in Gatineau Park.

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Mer Bleue Bog

Take a jog along the boardwalk through this scenic bog just outside Orleans. Forewarned, there's plenty of people coming to enjoy this trail especially on days with good weather, so head out early in the morning.

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Lac Leamy Park

Jog the short circuit around Lac Leamy in Gatineau. The trail is well-paved concrete and is located right near the beautiful beaches of Lac Leamy -- one of the best in Ottawa-Gatineau.

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