No, this list doesn't include Starbucks or Tim Hortons. Sorry about that.

Anyway. Gone are the days where all we craved was lemonade or iced coffee, and the only form of chocolate we wanted was chocolate ice cream. Now, winter is around the corner and the temperature in Ottawa is definitely here to remind us of that.

So forget your mittens and just grab a cup of hot chocolate instead. It will warm up your hands, and will be sure to satisfy that chocolate craving as well. Liquid calories don't count, right? Here are X places in Ottawa to get a delicious cup of hot chocolate this winter:

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Memories Restaurant // 136 St Patrick Street

At Memories, you can switch up your hot chocolate in various ways. The classic way is made with cocoa and homogenized milk, and you have to specify if you want whipped cream (sorry, who wouldn't?). But if you're feeling fancy, you can add peppermint schnapps, Bailey's Irish Cream or amaretto.

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Cacao 70 // Multiple Locations

Cacao 70 has plenty of options for a delicious cup of hot chocolate. Whether you're feeling spicy, sweet, or just like a classic hot chocolate, they've got it all. You can even get a frozen hot chocolate, if the temperature outside isn't cold enough for you!

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Stubbe Chocolates // 375 Dalhousie Street

The best part about Stubbe Chocolates is that you can make your drink your own. Since they are a chocolate shop, you can basically get any version you would like. Their original hot chocolate is made with Callebut Belgian brut cocoa, whole milk and of course, a huge serving of whipped cream.

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Bridgehead // Multiple Locations

Bridgehead uses Camino hot chocolate, which are Fair Trade Certified and organic. They taste absolutely delicious, you won't believe that it's actually healthy for you. Camino hot chocolate comes in milk hot chocolate, dark hot chocolate, and chilli and spice hot chocolate.

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Thimble Cafe // Multiple Locations

Thimble Cafe makes their cocoa powder in house, and is made with coconut milk. This drink is the perfect one for those who are lactose intolerant or don't eat dairy and it's even more delicious than it sounds. You can also get coconut whipped cream to top it all off!

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Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut // Multiple Locations

If you're looking for melted chocolate in a cup, you'll find it here. It's very rich, and will definitely hit the spot no matter what type of hot chocolate you decide to get. Mix and match flavours to get your perfect flavour, and who doesn't want peanut butter in their hot chocolate?

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A Thing For Chocolate // 1262 Wellington Street West

You know when a cafe only offers medium and large drinks, they mean business. At A Thing For Chocolate, the hot chocolates are made with real chocolate, and you can choose between white, dark and milk. A white hot chocolate, please sign me up!

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The SconeWitch // 150 Elgin Street

The best way to describe The SconeWitch is cozy, and that's exactly how their hot chocolate will make you feel. Like your mom used to make you as a kid, you can get marshmallows on top and chocolate shavings. If you're looking to sit back with a good book and just relax, grab one of their hot chocolates and of course, a scone. The perfect combo!

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