The selfie is an art and the canvas is a bathroom mirror. The pose or the angle that you're holding your iPhone just isn't enough to suffice a bathroom selfie. You need good lighting, a nice mirror and, more importantly, a bathroom with an aesthetically pleasing background.

We gathered a list of some of our favourite spots for bathroom selfies for you to check out:

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Tomo // 109 Clarence St.

The bathroom walls at this Japanese restaurant appropriately are decorated in a manga collage. Large enough with ample space to take a selfie with your own tomo ('longtime friend' in Japanese) and good lighting all around.

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Ace Mercado // 121 Clarence St.

Spread those wings. Ace Mercado's bathroom mirror is decorative and a popular spot for people to shoot their selfie game. Step in the middle of the butterfly wings, tilt your head and get your right angle – this selfie's going to give you attention.

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Riviera // 62 Sparks St.

A cosmopolitan-esque bathroom in a classy restaurant on Sparks, the Riviera's always a solid choice to take a clean and sophisticated bathroom selfie. Marble walls, the beautiful teal sinks and the sharp round mirror in the good lighting are always going to create a solid selfie.

Zak's Diner // 14 ByWard Market Square

Unleash your inner sass with the “He Doesn't Deserve You!!” mirror. Grungier than the other bathrooms on the list, but otherwise always a good place to take a more unconventional bathroom selfie.

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El Furniture Warehouse // 77 Clarence St.

Arguably the most famous of all bathroom selfie mirrors in Ottawa. Ample lighting around the mirror with a nice dark wood palette on the walls. You probably already took a pic here, let's be real.

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CRAFT Beer Market // 975 Bank St.

A simple white and clean interior that contrasts well with any outfit. With terrific lighting that glares off the glossy walls and a tall mirror with black trim around it, it's a simple and sharp place to take a selfie.

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Copper Spirits and Sights // 325 Dalhousie St.

The public bathrooms at the Andaz's rooftop are both posh and new with some strong, dark colours in the backdrop of the bathroom mirrors.

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Little Jo Berry's // 1303 Wellington St. West

A green, colourful wall painted of plants at one of Ottawa's best vegan coffeeshops. There's also “Break up with your boyfriend” written on the inside of the bathroom door.

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