While it doesn't have the reputation of being the most scenic school, uOttawa does bring in some good views of the downtown core from it's taller buildings. There are also a few good-looking spots on campus - everything from Hogwarts lookalikes to artsy outdoor quads.

If you're looking for a place to relax in between your midterm study breaks (or even just looking for a potential school scene to Instagram), here are 8 of the best places to catch a view of Ottawa, or simply take in uOttawa looking pretty.


1. Desmarais / Telfer School of Management

Every Telfer student you know has either Instagrammed or Snapchatted this view at least once. No shame.


2. Tabaret Park

Extra scenic during the fall. I should probably get around to putting this on my Instagram too.


3. Montpetit Hall

While it's mostly known for the gym facilities, the view from MNT isn't too bad either.


4. SITE - School of Information Technology and Engineering

The engineering students have one of the coolest buildings on campus. I guess it's only fair compensation for all the hours they have to be there. It's a great study spot too.


5. Hagen

The uOttawa Hogwarts. Hagen is one of the older buildings on campus, with an interestingly almost gothic vibe.


6. The Arts Building Quad

I don't understand what this sculpture is, but it's definitely one of the most recognizable landmarks on campus.

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7. FSS - Faculty of Social Sciences building

The best view you could get on campus. Period.


8. Morisset Library

While the golden rule is to avoid the 5th floor to study, but the view is pretty killer nonetheless.

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