Regular poutine's fine and all, but if someone puts a bacon grilled cheese sandwich on top of my Canadian salad, I'm all for it. Ottawa's home to some of the best poutine in Ontario, and being so close to Quebec helps. But some of Ottawa's restaurants have taken their own spin on the classic Canadian dish and have made for some interesting takes.

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From lobster poutine to pancake poutine (whatever that is), Ottawa's got its own speciality takes on a Canadian classic.

I'm not one to mess with tradition. That being said, when I see good food, I see good food, and I'm more than willing to break convention to try new things out even if they go against the status quo.

Here are nine of those speciality poutines you need to try in Ottawa:

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General Tso Chicken Poutine // Pong's Poutine

What it is: A Chinese chicken ball poutine.

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Lobster Poutine // Luxe

What it is: A hearty plate of crispy fries with lobster meat sautéed in béarnaise sauce on top.

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The Pancake Poutine // Flapjack's Canadian Diner

What it is: Deep fried pancake sticks with bacon and melted caramel sauce. As Canadian as Canadian can get.

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Breakfast Poutine // Elgin Street Diner

What it is: Cheese curds, home fries, with two fried eggs, bacon and hollandaise sauce drenched on top.

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Pulled Pork Poutine // Big D's Dog House & Poutine Emporium

What it is: Pulled pork and BBQ sauce on a poutine.

via @_thelivingdragon

The Bacon Grilled Cheese Poutine // The Great Canadian Poutinerie

What it is: A bacon grilled cheese sandwich, cut up like a pizza and placed on top of a regular poutine.

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Bacon Cheeseburger Poutine // Smoke's Poutinerie

What it is: Chunks of beef, bacon and melted cheese on top of a poutine.

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The 5 Cheese Poutine // Burgers N' Fries Forever

What it is: 5 types of cheese - mozzarella, parmesan, Swiss, cheddar and cheese curds - all melted on top of hand-cut fries and veggie gravy.

via @millstbrewpubottawa

Duck Poutine // Mill Street Brew Pub

What it is: Scallions, maple reduction and duck on top of a poutine.

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