We all go through that phase where we're just not motivated to do any form of exercise. I'm sure even Jillian Michaels experiences those low moments where you just want to stay in bed and watch reruns of Friends. It's fine.

No matter who you are, exercise is so important. No matter what your body shape is, working out benefits everybody and there is no denying that. Since social media has become so big in the past few years, it's really easy to get sucked into the whole 'I'll never look like that' pity party when you come across a fitness models Instagram. The thing is, you can look like that. These are normal people who work out and work hard to look they way they do.

If the Instagram 'fit girl' you are looking at has 500 followers or 5 million, it doesn't matter at all. These Instagram models shouldn't make you feel bad about yourself, they should make you motivated AF! Working out isn't all about having a nice body, it's just a bonus. But if that is your end goal, here are 9 Instagram fit girls that will leave you crazy motivated for the gym. And remember, most of these women started off unhappy and insecure with their bodies, which is why they're the real deal.

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1. Nikki Blackketter // @nikkiblackketter

Nikki Blackketter is all about promoting a realistic body image. She's a lover of fitness, and has competed before, but most of the time she works out, cuts and bulks to see what her own body can do. She is not on any strict diet, nor does she believe in that. She uploads her personal life/workout videos to her YouTube channel and she even shows the parts where she's struggling, just like the rest of us.

via @mysweatlife

2. Kelsey Wells // @mysweatlife

Kelsey Wells is a new-ish mom that uses Kayla Itsines' workouts religiously. After having her son, she wanted an 'easy' way to get back into shape. She is all about being real, and even uploaded an Instagram picture saying she weighs more now than she did before she had a kid but she's in better shape than ever. Her whole motto is 'screw the scale' and we should all definitely live by that as well! There are no gimmicks with Kelsey, she's 100% real and she even talks about her cheat meals that keep her sane. You go, girl!

via @annavictoria

3. Anna Victoria // @annavictoria

Anna Victoria is an Instagram trainer, who offers plans/guides and has a whole community of girls doing the workouts with her. Anna is so determined to let her followers know that fitness isn't about being perfect, it's about balance. She travels often and even admits it's impossible to stay 100% clean all the time, so she goes for 80/20 most of the time and 50/50 when she's travelling. She always tells her followers the truth and if you follow her on Snapchat, she gives tips and tricks to how she makes working out and eating healthy easiest for her.

via @xogingy

4. Steph // @xogingy

Steph is an adorable Canadian who is so real. Overcoming an eating disorder, she talks about how she still struggles to maintain a healthy mindset but how the gym has become therapy for her. We can all agree that working out is like free therapy, and Steph shares all of her struggles and advice on her Instagram as well. Her body shows that you can get through anything, and come out feeling and looking better than ever!

via @sarahs_day

5. Sarah // @sarahs_day

Sarah is a YouTuber who believes in listening to your body. She has struggled with her weight before and has now found a happy medium where she doesn't feel deprived at all. She doesn't believe in overworking your body if you're tired, as well as taking time off if you just don't feel like working out. She focuses on a paleo diet and loves to do yoga but her videos also show how dedicated she is to not just looking good but always feeling good.

via @buffbunny

6. Heidi Somers // @buffbunny

Heidi started a brand called BuffBunny, which is used to empower women. She creates a variety of custom workout plans and sells her own apparel as well. Both of these are made for women who want to feel confident and feel good in their own skin. Heidi also has a YouTube channel, and she shows her workouts which a lot are from home which makes it easy if any of you are looking to work out from home!

via @jessicaarevalo_

7. Jessica Arevalo // @jessicaarevalo_

Jessica is all about feeling good naked. And who doesn't want to feel that way? She works super hard for the body that she has, and encourages women to focus on their end goal instead of all the struggles they may be going through now. Giving up is not an option for her, and she doesn't want you to either. She shares inspirational messages on her Instagram all the time, so if you're struggling with motivation, check her out!

via @toneitup

8. Karena Dawn & Katrina Scott // @toneitup

The Tone It Up girls are my personal favs for how real, raw and normal they are. They are two BFFs that met at the gym (typical) and they've built a brand from the ground up. Not only do they have unreal bodies, but they have a full community of girls who they love so much. They give advice all the time on how to stay motivated, their workouts are intense but so worth it and they also believe in balance. It's so nice to see two women really know what they're talking about when it comes to health AND be so kind hearted to their followers. If you become a Tone It Up member, you'll see what it's all about!

via @paigehathaway

9. Paige Hathaway // @paigehathaway

Paige Hathaway has a crazy sculpted body and helps others create their dream body as well. Her most popular program is the FIT In 5 Weeks Challenge, which can win you money depending on your transformation. She believes in sticking to workouts that you love, not just ones you think will work. Her shoutouts to her clients on her Instagram page really shows you that you can do anything you set your mind to, not just because someone has more time in the day than you do.

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