Every girl/guy we swipe right (and left) to on Tinder has their own quirks. It's what makes us go on that first date or delete our Tinder profile entirely. So, what if some of Ottawa's landmarks set up their own online dating profile to show off their quirks and personality?

Here's what nine of them would look like if they had their own Tinder profiles:

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The Ottawa River // Age: 3,000,000

"Dirty as they get."

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The Centennial Flame // Age: 50

“I'm the type of guy your mom warned you about. Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?”

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Rideau Street McDonald's // Age: 28

"Not looking for hookups."

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Parliament // Age: 90

"Tall boys only pleeeeease ??? 302'6''. Burnt to the ground and rebuilt myself out of the ashes. True, north, strong and free✌️️"

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Maman // Age: 18

"Not actually 18. 17. Introvert. Not your ordinary kinda girl. Don't be too scared to message me first :)"

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Chateau Laurier // Age: 105

“Beautiful inside and out. Au naturel. My plastic surgeon sucks.”

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The O-Train // Age: 18

"Not actually 18. I like to take things slow #Ontrack2018 :)"

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Samuel de Champlain Statue // Age: 102

"FR/CA ???? Just in town visiting. Show me around?"

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