We've all had those super lazy days when you stay home in your pj's all day, watch Netflix, and completely check out from reality. On these wonderful and much needed days, it can be tricky to figure out what you're going to eat. Your options are usually slim and you end up getting the same thing every time. 

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If you're bored AF of ordering pizza and want to be able to get shawarma delivered to your doorstep, then these 10 food deliveries will change your life. 

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Sushi Village // Skip The Dishes

Sushi straight to your house? No complaints from me. You can get some amazing sushi at your place without even getting off your couch. 

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Tandoori Fusion // www.tandoorifusion.com

Craving some delicious South Asian food but feeling lazy AF to driveThey make their meals fresh every Tuesday and Thursday each week and are delivered straight to your doorstep.

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My Sweet Tea // Skip The Dishes

WOAH. WAIT. PAUSE. Bubble tea delivered to your own house? What a blessing. My Sweet Tea delivers your favorite bubble tea flavors straight to your home. 

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NutriDirect Meal Service // www.nutridirectmeals.com

If you're looking for a healthy meal, search no more! This meal delivery website is awesome if you're trying to avoid grabbing Pizza Pizza or McD's. This delivery offers some scrumptious fresh meals, NutriDirect is also great if you're searching for a halal option.

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Pho Bo Ga King // Uber Eats 

If you're wishing for something warm and delicious Pho Bo Ga King will do the trick. Order from here if you love Vietnamese Cuisine and want some ASAP. 

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Detroit Soul Food Canada // www.detroitsoulfood.ca

Fried chicken? Yes, please. Order delivery from Detroit Soul Food Canada if you're craving good ol' food for your soul. This Ottawa company serves up fresh American soul food in Canada. 

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Elgin Street Diner // Skip The Dishes

If you love Elgin Street Diner you'll be delighted to know that they deliver. If you're in the mood for a meal straight from the diner, deliver from Elgin. 

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Shawarma Palace // Skip The Dishes

Nothing is better than a shawarma with garlic. Shawarma Palace delivers their fresh food to you meaning you can get exactly what you're craving without moving an inch. 

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