We live in a city where there are only two clearly defined seasons - it's either freezing or burning. Ottawa summers can go up to 40 degree days with heat warnings galore, and our winters defy the concept of normal with actual frostbite warnings and snowdays that end up feeling like snow-weeks.

Fall always has a way of sneaking in on us, and while I'm not complaining (who doesn't love how pretty Ottawa looks while changing colours), I can't help but look forward to a more forecast-wise stable season - winter.

Even though it can get freezing, here are 9 reasons to look forward to winter in Ottawa.

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1. We finally know how to dress because it's cold all the time

None of that "cold in the morning, feels like 34 degrees by the afternoon" mess.


2. Winterlude

Who doesn't love Winterlude. I shouldn't have to explain this further.


3. It's finally socially acceptable to eat a Bevertail

I still don't understand people who can eat them when it's hot outside - but you do you.

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4. You never feel awkward being sick on the OC Transpo anymore - everyone around you is coughing.

Flu season makes everyone less self conscious of carrying around that extra pack of tissue. I feel you. So does everyone else on the 95.


5. Skating on the Canal

World's largest rink. Over 10km. You know the drill. It's a winter tradition.


6. Extended Hours at the Rideau Centre

More time = More shopping. What's not to love?


7. And Bayshore, obviously.

My wallet is crying between visiting the two malls. Retail therapy is a thing right?


8. Road-trips to nearby lodges for skiing and snowboarding

Another advantage of Ottawa's close-to-everything location. You have no excuse to not be active in the wintertime.


9. "It's too cold to leave home" finally becomes a legitimate excuse.

Who am I kidding, we're used to it at this point. 

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