Yes, you read correctly, a shop that's dedicated to Hong Kong style bubble waffle cones has opened in Ottawa. I have been walking past this shop in the ByWard Market for months just waiting for it to open up and it finally has. 

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Golden Bubbles has officially opened up and it's combined with My Sweet Tea. So you can grab a bubble waffle cone and a bubble tea on the same day. The shop was closed for renovations for a while and now it's finally ready for us to invade. 

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The cones come in so many different flavors; Original, Matcha Poppyseed, Salt & Pepper Spice and Cappuccino. Ummm... Matcha flavored bubble waffle cone? Yes, please. The ice cream is also sold in a variety of flavors including Taro, Green Tea, Black Sesame and Coconut.

You can top your Bubble Waffle ice cream cone with strawberry puree, fresh fruits, popping boba, red Beans, bacon bits, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, whipped cream, icing sugar, and pink sea salt. Pricing is a 3 step process: The waffles are $4 - $5, ice cream scoops are up to $4 and toppings are free to $2.  

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By popular demand, Golden Bubbles has a new shop in Ottawa and we are so excited. The ByWard Market location shares a home with My Sweet Tea meaning you can have bubble everything in one day!

My Sweet Tea is a shop that sells amazing bubble tea. They have more than one location in Ottawa, but if you're in the market this one is definitely the most convenient. They sell teas, slushies, smoothies, lattes, and sherbets. You'll be spoiled for choice at this Golden Bubbles and My Sweet Tea combo shop!

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Golden Bubbles has been in the waffle game for 1 and a half years and they're ready to take Ottawa by storm. They have done many major outdoor events including Ottawa Asian Fest, Taste of Asia, Night It Up, and Waterfront Night Market. Golden Bubbles has bubble waffle experience so head here for an amazing cone. 

The shop had its soft opening on July 21st and the grand opening is on July 26th, so head to 11 William Street for the grand opening! The opening party begins at 12:30 pm, there will be live music and special guest ChinaDoll.

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