Another place to eat downtown that's healthy? Yes, please. There is a new restaurant that serves a ton of vegan-friendly options and I don't think anyone is complaining. It just opened so head there to be able to say you were one of their first customers. 

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Mad Radish has been in the making for a while now downtown and we're so excited that it has finally opened. They're already working on opening one in the Glebe!

via @eatmadradish

The salads are super healthy and are truly cared for by the staff. They believe that healthy food doesn't have to taste like cardboard and they work hard to create unique and delicious salad's that everyone will love. 

The restaurant is super cute and needs to be added to your Ottawa Instagram mission ASAP. The theme is modern and minimal, perfect for a lunch with friends. There aren't too many pictures of this amazing restaurant on IG yet, so you definitely want to be one of the first to post it.

via @eatmadradish

via @eatmadradish

Mad Radish doesn't only sell vegan options. If you enjoy chicken in your salad don't worry they've got you covered. The majority of the menu is vegan or vegetarian, but there are some meat options as well.

They also sell the most amazing juices. From carrot cream to mad Mojito the juices they sell are all vegan and so refreshing. AND they sell refreshing coconut ice cream (add that to your Vegan Ice Cream Bucket List)!

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DAVIDsTea founder David Segal is the founder of the new Mad Radish salad bar, so you already know it's going to be amazing. Go try it today before this new restaurant chain goes national!

Mad Radish is located on 116 Albert Street. You can also order online for pickup, so if you're looking to avoid waiting in line I suggest you do that. If you want to enjoy a nutritious and scrumptious salad, head here. 

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