Yes, you read that right. A holiday burger. And yes, you need to try it.

This insane burger comes from Burgers n' Fries Forever, which is an awesome burger restaurant here in Ottawa. They have a system in which they call 'burgerology', which basically means they're dedicated to give their customers the best of the best–service wise and food wise.

They serve local fresh grass-fed halal beef, make their sauces in-house, hand cut their own fries and make sure their produce and cheeses are fresh AF. Their burgeroligists create their monthly burger n' fries special, and this month, they came up with something unimaginable.

Let me introduce to you... The Stocker Stuffing.

via @burgersnfriesforever

I know what you're thinking. How? What? Wait. What? Same.

The Stocker Stuffing burger, which is Burgers n' Fries' December special, is confusing but also astonishing all at once. These burgeroligists don't play around, and I'm glad they don't. We need more creative people like this in the world.

So what does the burger contain, you're probably asking. Well, let me list it all for you.


  • House cranberry mayo
  • House veggie stuffing
  • Sweet potato fries


  • Sweet potato fries
  • House cranberry sauce
  • Veggie gravy
  • House veggie stuffing

I know, it's a lot to take in. Just when you thought you wanted to go on a diet, this comes around. It's the holidays though, start in the New Year?

via @burgersnfriesforever

via @burgersnfriesforever

They also offer gluten-free and vegan options, so everyone can try it if you really want to! This burger will only be around for a little while longer, however, trying it right before the holidays is the best time, obviously.

Burgers n' Fries Forever is located at 329 Bank Street and will fulfill all your burger related dreams. You'll be like a kid on Christmas morning at their restaurant, with food to show for it too!

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