When I was in high school, getting ready to make the transition to university in a completely new city, I would sit at home and pin all sorts of inspo on my university wall on Pinterest (don't lie, I know you had a University wall too). 

I would daydream about how I was going to decorate my room at the University of Ottawa (Stanton res wudddddddup). What type of furniture and accessories was I going to buy at the much anticipated Ikea trip with my parents? What would I wear to my lectures? And the idea of buying my own groceries was nothing short of exciting, I mean, I was finally going to be in charge of my own life! #Adulting #Sortof

And then I finally made it to university and realized real quick that my expectations were much different than the realities of living in Ottawa as a student.

Let me tell you that living on my own turned out to be a lot harder than I anticipated and the idea of adulting and becoming an actual member of society was not all sunshine and rainbows. Freedom comes at an expense and a lot of responsibilities.

Although I had an absolutely incredible time during my university years, there were so many times where my expectations were just simply set too high. However, all of these struggles made up for a pretty hilarious four years and I'd like to shed some light on a couple of these because I know there's gotta be a couple of you out there that can relate!

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Dorm Room



So much for that Pinterest board eh? Sooner than later you realize that creating that Instagram worth dorm room will cost you some moolah and who even has time to DIY? When you're coordinating whether or not you and your friends should go to Tequila Jacks this weekend or what electives to take, there's just simply no time for decorating. The reality is that you can keep your room as is, and just use your bed frame as a beer pong table.

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The reality is that living with a roommate can either be the best time of your life, or absolutely miserable. If you happen to experience the latter, your best bet is to master the art of "passive aggressive" and invest in a lock for your door. Or you know, find a new roommate. Then again, there are plenty of bachelor pads in the Sandyhill area, but, oh that's right, you're broke. 

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Moving out of your residence and into an actual home is SO much fun until you realize the home of your dreams is going to cost you a lot more than you can afford. Let's face it, you were eating Mr.Noodles all of first year and you'll need to get a roommate to help out with the cost of rent. Just keep your fingers crossed that the landlord in Sandyhill didn't cut corners, but then again, that would explain why your apartment is falling apart.

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Remember when you were an A+ student in high school and on the principal's honour roll? Yeah, that's not the case in university. Actually, the first year is hard and as much as you think colour coding all of your notes is going to get you that solid grade, the reality is that it's going to take a lot late nights at Morisset library and a whole lot of coffee. And trust me, no one looks good at 4 am.

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Oh, you thought being a student in Ottawa is all about class? Forget it. Parties are no red carpet events, in fact, parties in Ottawa are all about being the biggest degenerate in the room. Especially Panda Game parties. You can expect to go home with a missing shoe and a whole lot of regret.

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Don't get me wrong... The Ottawa nightlife is pretty fun and if I'm being honest, there's probably some of my blood somewhere in Green Room (I've been known to dance on the bar a few times), but if you're coming here expecting bangers and a red carpet, think again. The Ottawa nightlife is full of fvck boys, sticky dance floors, and overly crowded bars full of under-agers who never learned to use deodorant. The only way to have fun is if you're really, really drunk.

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So you thought fending for yourself meant 5-star meals and kobe beef? Think again. Actually, having to buy your own groceries is expensive and when you'd rather put your money towards $2 tequila at Junxion, you obviously have to cut back on your extravagant spending and resort to Eggo waffles and grilled cheese sandwiches. Hey, asparagus is expensive when it's not in season and forget about meat. That stuff is for the rich.

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FIRST YEAR: full face of makeup on, eyelash extensions, overly priced Canada Goose jacket and Hunters. Hey, you have to impress all those fourth years in your lecture hall at Montpetit.

SECOND, THIRD, FOURTH YEAR: sweatpants, hair tied, chilling with no makeup on, there's also a good chance you didn't shower and there might be a drool stain on your shirt. You're barely recognizable on the street.

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