The OC Transpo: You live it, you breathe it, you pay for it. But just how much? We looked around to see how much Ottawans pay for public transportation in comparison to other cities across Europe, from London to Moscow.

The findings? In some ways, we're luckier than others. In other ways, maybe not so much.

To get you started off, here's how much fares are in our own city are for an adult transfer (regular routes only):

-With cash: $3.65

-With Presto: $3.00

-With tickets: 2 ($1.65 each, so $3.30)

Here's a list of some European cities just to show you how far your Canadian dollar can go on their own public transit:

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Kiev, Ukraine

Transfer: 2 UAH ($0.11 CAD)

Monthly Pass: 95 UAH ($5.01 CAD)

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Moscow, Russia

Transfer (one ride): 50 Rubles ($1.00 CAD)

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Prague, Czech Republic

Transfer: 32 CZK for 90 minutes ($1.73 CAD) and 24 CZK for 30 minutes ($1.30 CAD).

via @lassehey

Tallinn, Estonia

Transfer: Citizens ride for free with the purchase of a 2 EUR card.

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Hasselt, Belgium

Transfer: 0.60 EUR ($0.88 CAD). Free for anyone 19 and under.

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London, England

Single adult fare (Zone 1): 4.9 Pounds ($8.26 CAD). With the purchase of a 5 pound Oyster Card, 2.4 Pounds ($4.05 CAD).

via @al_nz

Sofia, Bulgaria

Transfer: 1 BGN ($0.75 CAD).

Warsaw, Poland

Transfer: 4.40 PLN ($1.48 CAD).

via @hudi_ioana

Bucharest, Romania

Transfer (2 trips): 5 RON ($1.63 CAD).

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