Justin Trudeau: Canada's heartthrob. Some call him prime minister, others call him bae. You've seen him, you've heard him, but have you smelled him?

An Etsy page is bringing that alluring and once-unknown aroma to households across the world this holiday season with their own Trudeau-scented candles. They're even including a temporary (but we all wish it was permanent) tattoo of the prime minister in the packaged deal.

The scent of Trudeau, according to the page, is a mix of chai tea and maple syrup. It's a scent that the Etsy company says screams "hot Canadian guy." Each scented candle comes in a tiny tin with Justin Trudeau's face on the lid, just in case you want to gaze into his eyes while you smell him. You do you.

Source: Twitter

Other world leaders are even getting their own scented candles. There's a Vladimir Putin candle that comes in a scent that's a fine mixture between pine, earth and, as the website says, "smoke billowing from the cities of your enemies."

Source: Twitter

Then there's the Trump-scented candle. But they don't guarantee that it smells pleasant. Nonetheless, the lid of the tin container is covered in an orange wig, so.

The candles are $25.19 and can be purchased here.

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