Nope, you're not dreaming. There's a brand new ice cream shop opening up in Ottawa and I don't think anyone is annoyed. Honestly, what's better than a cold ice cream cone on a hot summer day? 

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The Merry Dairy is setting up a shop in Ottawa. This ice cream food truck is stepping up it's game by opening up a full on store. 

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The shop will serve delicious soft serve ice cream. Soft serves, scoops, floats, popsicles, and floats The Merry Dairy will fill all of your sweet tooth needs. Plan a BFF day out and head to this all new ice cream shop.

Ottawa has so much new things opening and this is just another one to add to your bucket list! I personally love ice cream so another new store opening up gets me super excited. 

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The Merry Dairy is located at 102 Fairmont Avenue, for more information about the shop click here.


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via @themerrydairy

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