Whether you're sober or drunk, would you rather is such a fun game to play. There are so many good things about Ottawa but we have to poke fun at the things we don't like as well. There are plenty of things we never want to do in Ottawa, like swim in the Rideau Canal but hey, there are worse options out there.

So play along and find out if you'd rather lick the floor of the OC Transpo or be licked by someone on the OC Transpo. That's not an actual option, but you probably felt sick reading that. Perfect. Here we go! Feel free to comment below on what you would rather do. And no, neither is not an option!

1. Would you rather... Have lunch with Trudeau or Sandra Oh

Both born in Ottawa. Both super cool.

2. Would you rather... Wait 15 minutes for the OC Transpo in -40 weather or +40 weather

Both horrible options, but you'll most likely have to do this at some point. Sorry :(

3. Would you rather... Drink a cup of the Ottawa River or swim in the Canal for 5 minutes

You'll probably get E.  Coli either way.

4. Would you rather... Only go to Tequila Jacks for the rest of your life or never drink again

Please choose the latter.

5. Would you rather... Spend one night on the terrifyingly haunted third floor of the HI-Ottawa Jail Hostel or be chased by an Ottawa killer clown on Halloween?

Both options are terrifying. No thanks.

6. Would you rather... Sit beside someone loud AF on the phone on the OC Transpo or have to stand on a crowded bus in the middle of a snowstorm?

Can't I just walk home?

7. Would you rather... Get married in the Rideau Street McDonald's or never get married at all

Common law sounds a lot more appealing.

8. Would you rather... Getting a free bus pass for life or not have to pay rent for a year

Living in Ottawa is expensive AF. Both would save so much money...

9. Would you rather... Be the architect that designed the new Chateau Laurier expansion or be the owner of the car that fell into the sinkhole

Either your confidence or your car went down. Sorry.

10. Would you rather... Only run into your Tinder matches that you ghosted for a month or answer yes to one awful bootycall to meet in the ByWard Market at 2 am

Is deleting Tinder overall an option?

11. Would you rather... Convince Kanye West to officially move here or have Matthew Perry become Prime Minister

Chandler Bing for Prime Minister, please.

12. Would you rather... Have the OC Transpo pull up at the bus stop any time you want or teleport anywhere in the world for a day

Why doesn't teleportation exist yet?

13. Would you rather... Get lost in the crowd downtown on Canada Day or get lost in the middle of the night in Vanier

Both options sound like a recipe for complete disaster...

14. Would you rather... Live in Barrhaven for the rest of your life or never being able to travel outside of Ottawa


15. Would you rather... Have to watch every single street performer in the ByWard Market for the rest of your life or perform once for a massive crowd on Canada Day?

*Immediate stage fright*

16. Would you rather... Have your heat permanently broken or your air conditioning permanently broken?

Either way, either way is NOT fine.

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