After October ends, we all dread the winter. Ottawa is known for breaking records when it comes to snow–remember last year when we had 51.2 cm in one day? Every winter seems like a nightmare that just won't end for us Ottawans. But then there are times when we have snow-free holidays. Last year on Christmas Eve, it was +16 and we're all still very confused about that.

There are two types of people: people who look forward to winter, and people who hates those people. You can't just say you 'don't mind winter', it doesn't work that way in Ottawa. However, if it wasn't for our very cold winters, we wouldn't experience the Rideau Canal, or how pretty the Parliament Buildings are covered in snow. And this pretty much explains our love/hate relationship with winter in Ottawa. So here are 12 pictures to describe that awkward relationship that Ottawa has with winter in even more detail, if you're still on the fence:

Why we love winter in Ottawa:

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Snow makes Ottawa look like a fairytale, if it's the right amount of snow. Too much and we look like the coldest nightmare you've ever been apart of. And it feels that way too. It makes the city glow like no other, and you can't deny that the Parliament Buildings always look so much better with white dust all over them. There are many reasons to love winter in Ottawa, however...

Why we hate winter in Ottawa:

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Snow also makes everything very hard in Ottawa. Walking your dog, driving your car, walking to the bus stop. Where are my snowshoes? Do I really have to spend 400 dollars on a winter jacket just to keep me somewhat warm? Winter is a nuisance, and in way more ways than one. You also have to wake up ridiculously early just to wipe off your car or dig it out of a parking spot for an hour. Winter in Ottawa is more torture than anything, unless you ski or snowboard (or go tubing, in my case), you definitely find it hard to enjoy the so called perks that winter brings to us Ottawans.

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