There are a ton of hidden gems in Ottawa. From restaurants to random waterfalls, Ottawa is a pretty secretive city. And this restaurant is definitely up there with the best. 

Eclipse Asian Cuisine, which is located in Gloucester, is the most amazing Asian buffet. Did I mention how cheap it is? Asian buffets in Ottawa are hard to find, besides the obvious Mandarin but we all know that restaurant is good. Eclipse Asian Cuisine has a cheap AF menu you can order off of as well, if you're not much of a buffet person like myself. 

via @itsmagesty

via @itsmagesty

From desserts to amazing crab legs to authentic sushi, Eclipse Asian Cuisine should be the next restaurant on your bucket list. Like I mentioned before, they have a buffet which is open for lunch and dinner, and they also have a menu you can order off of. The lunch buffet is $12.95 per person and the dinner buffet is $17.95 per person. That's an unreal deal for unlimited amounts of food, and even cheaper than a regular meal at a restaurant. 

The menu you can order off of has egg rolls for $1.50, all the way up to the most expensive dish on the menu which is a seafood platter. A seafood platter for $14.95 which includes lobster, scallops, shrimp, crabmeat, and mussels. If that isn't the best price you've ever heard for seafood, you're wrong. I mean, does it get better than that? They also have all the sushi you could want, and their mango chicken is unreal. The options are endless!

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Eclipse Asian Cuisine is located at 1930 Innes Rd, and it's a must for your next dinner date with your bae or BFFs. You won't regret spending $12.95 on your meal, especially with all the delicious options they have. They're open daily, and for more information, click here

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via @itsmagesty

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