In America, their version of a Caesar is a Bloody Mary, which is made with tomato juice instead of clamato juice. There is no Canadian that thinks a Bloody Mary is better than a Caesar. Especially once you try the one in Ottawa at Andaz Ottawa ByWard Market's restaurant, Copper Spirits & Sights

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Their famous caesar, which is appropriately named the National Capital Caesar, is one of a kind. They don't go overboard with all the fixin's, instead they keep it simple and add the biggest Canadian touch there could be, ketchup chips. 

Yes, they rim the glasses with our country's signature potato chip. 

via @waltercaesar

Using Walter Craft Caesar Mix, which is made in Canada and with all natural ingredients, you're about to taste the best (and most Canadian) Caesar of your life. They also mix seaweed in with the ketchup chips, and the taste is everything you never knew you needed. 

Whether it's National Caesar Day or just an average Wednesday night, you need to give this drink a try. It's smoky, hot flavour will give a punch to whatever day of the week it is. Plus, Caesars are totally acceptable to drink any time of day. But I highly recommend drinking one of these while chilling by the fire at the Andaz Ottawa ByWard Market. The view will make you need another drink (in the best way possible).

via @andazottawa

via @andazottawa

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