No that was not just clickbait. This dessert is definitely worth trying, not only cause the way it's brought to you is cool AF, but because it tastes amazing. 

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Supply and Demand is an oyster bar and eatery. They sell pastas, salads, and different fish dishes. If you're someone that doesn't love seafood, just go for dessert because when will anyone else serve you a flaming dessert?!

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This dessert is called Baked Alaska. Baked Alaska is basically a fancier version of ice cream cake. It's essentially cake and ice cream underneath flaming meringue. Ummm... wait a second doesn't that mean the ice cream melts cause of the literal fire... Nope! The ice cream is safe because the meringue prevents the heat from getting to it.

I'm sure a science teacher can explain that way better than I did, but the bottom line is that the ice cream is safe (and that's what matters). 

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Supply and Demand can be found at 1335 Wellington St. Whether you go to eat dinner or just go to try this LIT Baked Alaska you will definitely enjoy it. For more information on Supply and Demand click here

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