If you have Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, you've definitely seen one of Elle Mills' videos. She's just a girl from Ottawa, but she's honestly way more than that. Her personality is bigger than life, and her laugh is the most contagious laugh you'll ever hear. Did I mention she's funny as f*ck? 

She's the most relatable teen ever. She makes videos with her friends, adorable brother (who looks like it's always against his will) and her siblings make an appearance every once and a while as well. I mean, she's totally relatable, but do you get retweeted by Little Mix? Probably not. #goals

Here are all of the reasons why Elle Mills is the most relatable teen ever, and why you should be obsessed with her too. 

via @elle.mills

We're all her at parties. 

While we all don't get tweeted at by Little Mix on the daily, her reaction was totally how all of us would react to getting noticed by our favourite band. Plus, her dancing is how we all dance when we're alone. Let's be real here. 

I mean, c'mon. This expectation vs. reality is EVERYTHING. 

via @elle.mills

No matter who you are, you can't tell me that you didn't want to eat McDonald's and wear converse at prom. You just can't. 

Moving on from how relatable she is, let's talk about how funny Elle Mills is. She reached 1000 subscribers back in September and now she has 113,000. And it's all for a good reason. Her videos range from videos with her teachers, movie trailers that in my opinion are SO much better than the originals, and hilarious lifestyle videos (yes, she is the girl who let her friend tattoo his Twitter handle on her). 

Can't we all be as brave as she is? Who would actually get a tattoo of their friends Twitter handle on them? Of course she would. 

She swaped phones with her teacher and downloaded Tinder. She also sexted her teachers husband. So. Let that sink in. 

And when she wants something, she gets it. She downloaded Tinder for her mom to find her and her brother a stepdad. Realistically, she'd much rather a Wendy's sponsorship but this will do too. 

She makes these hilarious trailers that take TV show/movie trailers into a completely different genre and it's absolutely genius. For this, she's gotten noticed by the Stranger Things kids, Sophia Bush, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, E!, and Buzzfeed. Now do you see why we're so obsessed with her? 

This Trump and Clinton love story trailer is my favourite video she's ever made. You've definitely seen this video shared an social media, and that's all thanks to our girl, Elle Mills. 

Soooo, what are you waiting for? Seriously, life will be so much funnier when you hit that subscribe and follow button for probably the funniest person in Ottawa. Just saying. 

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