In Ottawa, you'll find a lot of interesting people. And when those people couple up, it becomes even more interesting. You don't choose who you fall in love with, but sometimes it just works out that you have very similar interests.

So whether you're one of these couples or not, you can get an idea of a date you may want to do if you identify with any of what's listed below. And if you're single, you can totally look at the date ideas to see where you can meet someone with similar interests!

The Social Media Couple

We all know that couple that is all about sharing their relationship on social media. They most likely met on Tinder, tweet whenever a simple thing is going wrong in their relationship, and they probably Instagram even when they're riding the OC Transpo. You always know where they are, because there are multiple pictures of them just travelling to Gatineau Park and then multiple while actually hiking. Oh, and you also feel like you're a part of the break up when they stop posting about each other on social media.

Ideal date: Hiking up in Gatineau Park, or a date at a coffee shop so the caption can be "I love you a latte." Typical.

The High School Sweethearts

We're all super envious of this couple who got it right on the first try. Ottawa seems to be filled with high school sweethearts, who get married at 24 and live a perfect life of everything working out. You can find them buying a house in Kanata and taking their dog for a walk at Bruce Pit on a Sunday.

Ideal date: Playing boardgames at The Loft, taking a cooking class at The Urban Element

The Club Obsessed Couple

You don't know how they met, but you know they met at a club. They're the typical club goers who only post on social media when they're drunk together. Their captions are "Ride or die" while holding a vodka cran at either JunXion or Liquor Store. You wonder how they afford to drink so much, but he's a club promoter so it all makes sense. They also still get their picture taken on Barshots.

Ideal date: Brunch at an all-day breakfast restaurant, a classy date at Starbucks Canada Reserve Bar

The OC Transpo PDA Couple

We all know them, and we all get annoyed by them. That couple that sits at the back of the OC Transpo and makes out the entire time, or cuddles/falls asleep for the entire 10 minute bus ride. They're probably college students, and you just know they're together 24/7 without any breaks. They also don't have PRESTO Cards and just use bus tickets like it's 2006.

Ideal date: Anywhere that's not on the OC Transpo, ideally something they've never done before

The Fit Couple

This couple can be seen doing yoga on Parliament Hill in the summer, taking professional photos at Movati or eating a delicious meal at Pure Kitchen. They didn't meet at the gym, but they both wanted to get in shape and they got fit AF. They look great, and you're a little jealous when you see them kissing between reps at Movati.

Ideal date: An intense cheat day together, relaxing in a yoga class

The Music Festival Couple

Bluesfest, CityFolk, Escapade, you can find them at all three. They love music and they won't let anyone forget it. All of their Instagram posts together are #tbt to a certain music festival, and they also go on road trips to see concerts and attend other music festivals.

Ideal date: A karaoke bar date with a bunch of friends or a date to a record store to rediscover old/new music

The Animal Obsessed Couple

You're not quite sure if they actually believe their dog is their child or not, but to each their own. The probably have a large dog or two, and maybe even a cat. They take their dog(s) everywhere, and if they can't they probably won't go. They want to make sure you know the dog/cat is adopted as well, which we can all assume in 2017.

Ideal date: A trip to the Ottawa Human Society to hang out with the pets, or taking their dog to a dog cafe

The Country Couple

This couple is 100% from Carp, she only wears cowboy boots, he drives a truck and their date nights are at Crazy Horse. They travel to Boots & Hearts every year, and they live for fall weather so they can have a bonfire in their backyard that has a crazy amount of land. Fishing is their favourite pastime, and CMT is always playing on the TV while they're home.

Ideal date: Horseback riding at Captiva Farms, or staying in an adorable rustic cabin in the woods

The Broke Couple

The couple who only watches Netflix, and will come out to your birthday but have a bad time and remind everyone they're broke. They live downtown Ottawa, which definitely doesn't help but they both go to school at uOttawa. They have plans to be rich one day, but for now they avoid social interaction unless it's a free event like Winterlude or window shopping for their future home.

Ideal date: A free night at a museum in Ottawa, hiking in Gatineau or a luxurious date night treat that's under $55

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