Ottawa is filled with successful men, and unfortunately it's impossible to list them all. With these badass jobs, these guys are all inspirational and work their asses off to give everything they have to their work life.

CEOs, artists, designers, athletes–the list goes on and on. If you need motivation about what to do in life, or you're just looking for someone to look up to, these guys can do both. Being successful means working your ass off, while loving what you do. They say to choose a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life and that's exactly what all 8 of these guys are doing.

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Jean-Luc Boissonneault // CEO and Co-Founder of Free Form Fitness

Jean-Luc Boissonneault and his wife Chelsea Boissonneault opened up Free Form Fitness back in 2006 and have been business moguls ever since. They take their clients needs and wants seriously, and that's what makes their clientele so loyal. Jean-Luc became a personal trainer at the age of 17 and they make sure to only hire the best of the best personal trainers so their clients get what they pay for.

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James Hicks // Model at AMTI

James Hicks is a model based out of Ottawa, and he does a pretty badass job at it. Judging from his portfolio and his Instagram, he studies at uOttawa while travelling the world, as well as being cast as the role in his first movie. Remember Ottawa when you're a world famous model, okay?

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Ettore Lattanzio // CFL Player for the Ottawa REDBLACKS

Ettore Lattanzio is a defensive lineman for the Ottawa REDBLACKS, and he was part of the team during the 104th Grey Cup win. He was a Gee-Gee at one point, and got signed on to play with the REDBLACKS in 2015 as a free agent. He is definitely making uOttawa proud!

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Kurt // Owner and Tattoo Artist of Free World Tattoo

Kurt, who is the owner and a tattoo artist of Free World Tattoo, began his love for art when he started doing graffiti and street art back in 2000. He then moved onto large murals in the city, and private drawings as well. After going to several art shows, he decided to pick up a tattoo machine and the rest is history. You can view his artwork here on his Instagram or here on their website.

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Marco Mion // Founder of DU Lifestyle

If you live in Ottawa, you definitely know what DU Lifestyle is. What first started out as building rails for skiers and snowboarders soon turned into a lifestyle brand. It all sparked from a presentation Marco gave in school about having rails and ramps in your own backyard, and the idea went on from there. Marco mentions that DU in means "you" in Swedish, and DU Lifestyle embodies living the life you want. Marco is a young entrepreneur that considers his brand a global success, since DU Lifestyle ships to Canada, Europe, USA, and Australia.

Jeff Perron // Founder of TruReach Health

Jeff Perron is a student of the clinical psychology program at uOttawa, and made it his goal to make mental health easier for everyone. In his case, he developed an app called TruReach Health which he describes as mental wellness on-the-go. In this app, you get CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) based exercises that are proven to help enhance your mental illness. All of these activities are free and 5 minutes each–however Perron states that this isn't a replacement for what your doctor suggests, it's simply there for you when you feel like nothing else is.

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WolfieRaps // YouTuber

WolfieRaps is an Ottawa based YouTuber who has 4.5 million subscribers. Impressive, eh? His bigger than life personality makes you want to binge watch all of his videos in one sitting, especially when he pulls pranks on his friends and family. His channel is basically a mixture of every type of content you can imagine, but it somehow really works. He uploads a few times a week, which makes us all wonder how someone could come up with that much content all the time. Especially enjoyable content, too. He's definitely made a name for himself in the YouTube world!

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David Deez // DJ & Beat Maker

David Deez is a known DJ around Ottawa, and can be found playing as the resident DJ at bars such as Pub 101, Lieutenant's Pump and Jack Astors. He is also the OCN DJ for JUMP! 106.9. If you follow him on Instagram, you can see all of the places that are lucky enough to have him DJing that night. His mixes can be heard on his SoundCloud, and I can't promise you they won't make you want to break out in a dance.

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