Canadians have been falling out of love with Tim Hortons lately, ever since the company decided to nix employee benefits in response to the recent minimum wage hike in Ontario. It seems that not even the novelty of Roll Up The Rim To Win is able to win back its Canadian fans.

People all over the country are upset over the lack of wins so far this year, even though the Roll Up The Rim To Win season just started a few days ago. The frustration comes from decades of disappointment from repeatedly seeing “Play Again” despite the 1-in-6 odds that the company promises.

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Some have even gone as far as to call the entire contest a scam, saying that it’s nothing more than a genius marketing ploy to get people to buy their coffees. Many people threaten to make the complete switch to McCafé, which typically rolls out its $1 coffee promotion during the Roll Up The Rim To Win season.

Call them sore losers or negative nellies, but in their defense, the odds of winning the big prizes are pretty rough:

  • Odds of winning a car: 1 in 7,498,772
  • Odds of winning a TV: 1 in 1,999,672
  • Odds of winning a TimCard: 1 in 12,498
  • Odds of winning food or beverage: 1 in 6
  • Odds of winning a $5,000 CIBC Prepaid card: 1 in 2,999,509

Source: Inside Timmies

Here’s what people had to say about this year’s Roll Up The Rim To Win season so far:

The comments are even worse on Tim Horton’s Instagram page… Is it time to make the full switch to McCafé? 

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