If you know anything about the Canadian brand Canadaland, you know that they take a satirical stance on covering and criticizing current media using both their podcast and blog. They're funded by a cult following audience that loves them and what they do - which is mainly poke fun at what's happening locally and globally. 

Well it looks like the multimedia brand also expanded into the book department with their 2017 venture "The Canadaland Guide To Canada". The guide shines a light on Canadian culture in a funny and provocative way, looking beyond our friendly and polite personas to expose the truth about who we are and have been. 

And while all that is interesting in and of itself, what really has people talking is the oh so Canadian cover. Of course on a guide about Canada and Canadians there would be our 6ix god Drake... snuggling a moose because what else would represent this country better?

Via Canadaland

While the book itself is far from new, it for some reason it's resurfaced on Reddit and users couldn't help but have an opinion on the book and the cover: 

For anyone interested in know what deep dark secrets or criticisms are buried in the book, it's retailing on Amazon Canada for $21.03. According to Goodreads it has a 3.3 star rating with one reviewer saying "There's a lot of interesting and funny stuff here, and it's inspired me to look into some elements of Canada's history that I'm ignorant of (Camp 210 whaaaaat?), but the whole thing is too broad to have anything really hit home. It's high on snark, but low on value." 

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