Canada is home to a whole slew of interesting town names, from Dildo, Newfoundland to Head-Smashed-In-Buffalo-Jump, Alberta.

Recently on a Reddit thread people began sharing some of the craziest place names across the country and these are some of the most unique. 

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1. Snafu Lake, Yukon

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This popular camping and fishing spot in Northern Canada gets its unique name from some military slang meaning Situation Normal, All Fucked Up. The lake also flows into the similarly named Snafu Creek. 

2. Hairy Hill, Alberta

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This tiny hamlet is part of the County of Two Hills No. 21 in central Alberta, which has a population of just over 3000 people. The hamlet itself got its name quite literally since the hill in town was covered in a crazy amount of bison hair when the hamlet was founded.

3. Climax, Saskatchewan 

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This is a small village just north of the US Border in Saskatchewan. The village was named after another town in Minnesota that is also called Climax. Residents get to enjoy a lifetime of free porn since they are on PornHub's Premium Places list for their unique name. 

4. Punkydoodles Corners, Ontario

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Punkydoodles Corners is another hamlet located not far from Kitchener, On. The origin of the name has been debated for a while there but the most popular theory is that it comes from an old tavern owner in the 1800s who sounded like he was saying Punky Doodle every time he sang the song Yankee Doodle. Unfortunately for the town, their unique name means their official sign gets stolen a lot. 

5. St-Louis-Du-Ha!-Ha!, Quebec

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This place is actually a parish in South-Eastern Quebec, made up mostly of farmers. The name Ha!-Ha! refers to a saying for dead end or unexpected obstacle, which in this case is a nearby lake. The parish is home to just over 1000 people. 

6. Joe Batt's Arm, Newfoundland

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Up until 2011, Joe Batt's Arm was its own town in Newfoundland, but that year they amalgamated to join the Fogo Island town, though the original name is still used in the community of 778 people. The name is said to be after Joseph Batt who was the first European settler in that particular area. The arm part has nothing to do with him though but is just because the shape of the town looked like an arm. 

Thank you, Canada, for being the home to so many unique and entertaining place names! 

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