Canada Goose jackets are the partly the cause of a number of violent attacks in a small community in the UK.

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Students living in the town of Fallowfield, a suburb of Manchester, are afraid to walk the streets at night as violent crimes in the area have spiralled ‘out of hand’ in the past couple of weeks. Assaults, robberies and break-and-enters have especially been on the rise, with several reported incidents involving trespassing, intimidation with weapons (such as knives and crowbars) and even stabbings.

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One student named Ollie Mason, 21, was jumped for his Canada Goose jacket, phone and wallet while waiting outside of his girlfriend’s house. He was approached by a man who initially asked for the time and if he had cigarette to spare. A few moments later, another man appeared and forced him to hand over his jacket and phone.

“I got my phone out to ring her then a black guy who was probably 16-18 year old dressed in black walked past on the pavement and asked what the time was and asked me if I had a spare ciggy,” Mason explained. “I knew I was gonna get mugged at this point cos that’s what they always ask you before they do it. I said it was five o’clock and that I didn’t have one. Then another black guy dressed in black came from behind and grabbed me and kept saying ‘take off your f***ing jacket.’”

He reported the incident to the police and they eventually found one of the assailants at a nearby mall carrying a bag with the stolen phone, other victims’ stolen goods and a kitchen knife. The other man managed to run away with Mason’s jacket and wallet. 

The police  found out that the robbers were specifically targeting people with high-end winter coats like Canada goose and Moncler. 

“If you wanna be safe, then don’t be a tw*t like me and wear flashy labels in Fallowfield,” Mason wrote on his Facebook status. 

Perhaps the one sliver of humour in this story is the fact that Mason’s Canada Goose jacket was actually a fake. His wallet was also empty, containing only a crumpled up £5 bill, which means the robbers would have walked away with practically nothing even if they managed to get away with it.

“I got my phone back but not the jacket and wallet but the jacket was a fake and the wallet only had a fiver in so the scumbag’s only going to prison for nicking £5 off me,” laughed Mason.

Four for you, Ollie Mason. You go, Ollie Mason.

Over 6,000 people have signed a petition calling for local authorities to make the area safe for students. Police have stated that there is typically a spike in crime in the town during the first weeks of the new university term.

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