Instagram changed it up recently and added a new interactive sticker to use when posting photos the story function. The new "Ask Me Anything" sticker allows users to get their followers to ask them questions, which they can answer in the form of a photo on their story. 

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Some people have been quick to love this because it allows you to interact on a deeper level and really get to know the people you're following. But there is a twist that has some users unhappy with the most recent update. 

Instagrammers initially believed that the questions asked would remain a secret. But, the problem people have is that the questions aren't anonymous at all, meaning that the person answering knows exactly who asked. Some people didn't realize how the feature worked, so many crazy things have been asked since the feature launched.  

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After the question is posted as a sticker it's completely anonymous, but the user who you ask will definitely know it's you. Realistically, it's a safety concern to get random questions, so this allows users to monitor the creeps who want to know everything about them. 

That being said, some people have really dug into the people that they do know in real life. Friendships and relationships are truly being tested now since people didn't realize their names would be attached to the questions! 

Still, that doesn't mean that fans aren't unhappy with the new update. Many people are complaining about it and the reactions online are absolutely hilarious. 

People seem to hate the idea of lengthening Instagram stories into more than just a quick boomerang or picture. Yet the benefit of it allows influencers and celebrities to interact with their following, plus to clear up rumours and other stories people might think. 

Whether you hate or love the new "Ask Me Anything" feature, it looks like it is taking over our stories for the time being. Make the most of it and get to know the people you love! 

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