If there's one iconic duo that exists in this world it's chocolate and peanut butter. There's nothing else that goes together better than those two things. Luckily, Reese mastered the combination of these two delicious ingredients a long time ago with their unbelievably delicious peanut butter cups!

If you've been wishing you could indulge in these rich and sweet treats every day then you don't have to wait any longer because Reese's Advent Calendars are here and you can actually buy them for the holidays! They're being sold right now on Amazon Canada and the US. 

The Reese's Advent Calendar available on the US and Canadian sites are slightly different in their outside appearances but they both contain the same chocolate and peanut butter goodness on the insides! Amazon Canada is selling their Reese's Advent Calendar for $7.98 and it's available for Amazon Prime which means you'll only have to wait one-day for your advent calendar to be delivered for free! 

Inside the advent calendar, there's a mixture of Reese's Peanut Butter Miniatures and Reese's Peanut Butter Clusters and you'll have to open up each day to figure out what delicious treat will be waiting for you inside! It's the perfect idea for a gift for the family or to indulge in for yourself, obviously. 

Via Amazon

The Amazon US site is also selling their version of the Reese's Advent Calendar for $12 for one pack, $39.99 for 3 packs, or $49.97 for 4 packs. Inside the advent calendar, you'll find Reese's Peanut Butter Miniatures and Reese's Pieces! 

They aren't offering their advent calendar on Amazon Prime, plus the price is in US dollars so the Canadian site is probably the way to go with this one! If you're obsessed with Reese's like I am, this is going to be at the top of your list of Amazon purchases this weekend. 

You can also find a few other Reese's holiday treats on Amazon like Reese's Christmas Half Pound Cup and their Reese's Christmas Peanut Butter Chocolate Candy Santas so you can stock up on limited edition Reese's all in one shopping trip! 

Via Amazon

Buy the Canadian advent calendar here and the US calendar here

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