There's a reason why winter is called cuffing season. The temperature drops well below zero, hermit mode ensues and the singles of the summer get into coupling mode. With coupling mode, comes a whole lot of nights spent spooning each other, ordering in food, and binge watching Netflix.

As comforting as that sounds, it can get pretty boring if it becomes your routine every single weekend. I call it catching the winter woes; a state which is hard to avoid given the nature of Saskatchewan winters. But try a few of these fun winter date ideas and you just might find yourself warming up to winter after all.

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Go on a Sparkle Tour around Regina

It's kind of like a Where's Waldo for die-hard Christmas fans. Hop in your car and cruise around the city to find the best bulb show of the season. You'll want to make sure your heat is on full blast and those bum warmers are cranked up to keep things real nice and toasty warm.

Build a snowman in Wascana Park

You're never too old to build a snowman. For those days that aren't bone-chilling cold, take an afternoon to enjoy the outdoors and get creative with your snow sculpting skills.

Go on a brewery hop around the city

Make the best of your next date night out and tear up the town together. It's a great way to tour Regina's local beer scene and have a little fun in the process. Invite another couple out with you and make a double date night out of it.

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Spend a day at Temple Gardens 

Treat yourselves to some serious R&R at Moose Jaw's Temple Gardens Spa. Fun fact: They have the largest geothermal mineral water pool in Canada. It's basically a gigantic hot tub and it's great for your body. Soak it all in - the minerals and your love for each other.

Catch a matinee at the Cineplex Theatre

Sure, winter is a great opportunity to spoon and binge watch Netflix together, but sometimes it's good to get out and stuff your face with movie theater popcorn instead. Plan a Saturday afternoon date and go catch a new flick. You can always make time for spooning when you get home.

Go water sliding at the Travelodge

Am I the only one who still gets super excited about water sliding? You are a total Debbie Downer if you think it's lame. Plan a staycation with your boyfriend/girlfriend and spend the weekend having water slide competitions and ordering room service.

Find a cozy coffee shop to snuggle up and read a book together

When you get past that point where it's no longer awkward to hang out with your boyfriend/girlfriend in complete silence, this is a great thing to do. Grab a coffee, find a comfy couch, and spend an afternoon reading a good book side by side.

Go to a Pats Game

It's pretty much a Canadian tradition to attend a hockey game at least once during the winter. Whether you're a sports fan or not, it's a good excuse to drink a couple beers and eat some mini donuts.

Take a hot yoga class together at Quan's Hot Yoga

Couples who sweat together, stick together? Ew, gross. That didn't sound as romantic as I thought it would. Nevertheless, hot yoga is the perfect fix for curing that winter chill. De-stress, get a few downward dogs in and give yourselves a high five for doing fit couple things together.

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Practice your axe throwing skills at Lumberjax

The perfect date night for all you lumbersexuals out there. Throw on your matching plaid shirts and get down and dirty with your weaponry skills.

Rent cross-country skis and head out to Wascana Trails

If you're an outdoorsy couple that loves winter adventures, this is right up your alley. Bundle up, gear up and spend a day exploring the beauty of the Wascana trails. Note: to avoid completely hating this experience, plan it on a day where it's not -30 outside.

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Plan a day trip to Saskatoon

Sometimes the best thing to do to beat the winter woes is to venture outside of Regina. Take a road trip to Saskatoon and explore the city without an itinerary and see where the day takes you. If you aren't the spontaneous type, I'd suggest touring the shops on Broadway Avenue, renting a Kicksled from Escape Sports and checking out Una Pizza + Wine for dinner.

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