I don't think there's anything people in Saskatchewan enjoy more than getting outdoors during the summer months. For us, they're pretty short lived so that means we have to bask in all the glory of adventuring and exploring around the prairies before the weather takes a drastic mood swing and cramps our mood for traveling anywhere relatively far away from the comforts of home.

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But since that summer sun is finally back in action for another season, I think it's about time we start thinking less about hermiting indoors and more about getting outdoors to revel in the beauty around us. So, I've decided to take things to a place where we find the most travel inspiration to help get you in the mood for the ultimate Saskatchewan adventure.

Here are 13 Saskatchewan travel Instagrams that will give you a serious case of wanderlust from Saskachewan and beyond:

via @saskhiker

Jay Brown // @saskhiker

Known for: Documenting Saskatchewan's epic and diverse hiking terrain.

via @cynthiasquared

Cynthia T // @cynthiasquared 

Known for: Beautiful snapshots of cityscapes, landscapes, and life on the prairies.

via @thelostgirlsguide

Ashlyn // @thelostgirlsguide

Known for: Being the former Saskatchewanderer and living the ultimate life of adventure from Saskatchewan and beyond.

via @lightleax

Landon Parenteau // @lightleax

Known for: Captivating shots of nature, landscapes, and cityscapes.

via @forbesricky

Ricky Forbes // @forbesricky

Known for: Chasing Saskatchewan's craziest storms, hosting an MTV series (NBD), and documenting life as an adventurer around the globe.

via @saskatchewanderer

Andrew Shiltz // @saskatchewanderer

Known for: Traveling all over Saskatchewan to document and explore life on the prairies.

via @tourismsask

Tourism Saskatchewan // @tourismsask

Known for: Sharing the absolute best travel photos from people exploring the province.


Joanna Komorek // @joanna_k_photography

Known for: Colorful and dreamy landscape photos

via @northernperspectivephoto

Dean M. Johnson // @nothernperspectivephoto

Known for: Capturing Saskatchewan's great northern landscapes and beyond


Brayden Elliott // @bray.elliott 

Known for: Capturing people, places and things in Saskatchewan and around the world.

via @flymetoanywhere

Angel Chen // @flymetoanywhere

Known for: Capturing beautiful Saskatchewan landscapes.

via @flowcat

Kyle Fauchon // @flowcat

Known for: Amazing aerial photography of landscapes and cityscapes.

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