We can all admit that small talk is one of our least favorite things, but for some reason, we find ourselves engaging in conversations about the weather, the riders, or mundane things about Regina in general on the regular. We're secretly annoyed when people bring it up and we're even annoyed with ourselves for constantly talking about how cold it is outside.

It's a hard habit to shake, especially when everyone else around us is doing it. But hey, we're only human and sometimes we just need to laugh over the small things. I've compiled a list of the most annoying things you're bound to hear if you're from Regina.

How many of these are you guilty of uttering yourself?

“It’s the city that rhymes with fun.”

Who came up with that joke anyways?


It’s ReGINA.

“You live in the North End? Ugh, that’s so far away.”

Technically, it’s only like 15 minutes.

“I heard it's supposed to snow all next week, looks like winter is coming.”

It’s December, what else did you expect?

“You know it actually wouldn’t be so bad outside if it wasn’t for the wind.”

True. That wind chill is one nasty b*tch.

Most common question asked in July, “Are you going to Craven this year?”

Apparently, it’s Country Thunder now.

General statements like, “Regina is boring or Regina sucks.”

Maybe you’re the one making it boring. Just kidding, we all know it has its dull moments.

“Is there a Rider game today?”

Duh, you can spot at least five people wearing Rider gear on every street corner downtown.

“How about them Riders, eh?”

Winning or losing, they’re always a popular topic for small talk.

Anything negative relating to the stadium, “Total waste of money, not worth it, what a dumb idea.”

On a positive note, it’s bringing Guns N Roses to Regina next year.

Non-Saskatchewan residents, “It’s really cold there all the time isn’t it?”

Yes, we’ve never felt the warmth of the sun before. What’s that like?

Anyone who doesn’t know anything about Canada, “Saskatchewan? Never heard of it.”

Thanks for failing to acknowledge our existence.

Anyone who doesn't know anything about Canada, "Oh, is that close to Toronto?"

Oh yeah, it's only like a 26-hour drive away.

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