Saskatchewan is home to both urban centres and small towns — but with it comes struggles and perks. We may not have an Ikea yet (although we’re still patiently waiting), but we do have some of the friendliest people, a gorgeous river, delicious beer, and beautiful sunset skies.

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Although it might seem like Saskatchewan is always lagging behind the rest of Canada, generally speaking, we’re okay with that. If you grew up here, you’ll identify with the following things that make us the middle (ahem, best) prairie province.

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1. No matter how many times you’ve seen it, you’re always in awe of the beauty of the South Saskatchewan River. And you have no shame in pulling out your phone to capture the perfect pic.

No matter how many photos you have of the scenery, we get it — it just never gets old.

2. Going to the bar in the winter is an endless struggle of freezing your ass off while you wait in line, or carrying around your oversized parka.

You’d think more places would have coat checks. The Saskatchewan winter is just not suitable for girl’s night out, am I right?

3. Hoodies aren’t called hoodies, they’re called bunnyhugs.

Not sure why, but it sure is cute.

4. Within 2 minutes of swiping on Tinder, you will see at least 5 people you know from high school.

Better widen that radius.

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5. You get really confused when you go to another province and order an O16, and they look at your like you're speaking another language.

Can someone just bring me my favourite beer, please!

6. You have no idea how Daylight Savings Time works.

Saskatchewan is on it’s own time — ain’t nobody gotta worry about resetting their clocks here!

7. Winter biking takes on a whole new meaning here.

Also known as = blizzard biking.

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8. There are two types of people who live here: those who live and breathe the green-and-white Rider pride, and those who just don’t care.

Both groups think something is wrong with the other.

9. Weather forecasting isn’t real here.

The weather is as unpredictable as Trump’s next move.

10. You get annoyed when people laugh at our capital city.

Yes, it’s called Regina & we know what it rhymes with. No, it’s not that funny. Moving on.

11. If you go to any public event, you will run into someone you know.

Correction: you will run into everyone you know.

12. It’s still exciting if you see Theresa Sokyrka out in public.

#Tbt to that one time Saskatchewan made it into the Canadian Idol finale.

13. Free parking in the city is a real thing.

That’s right folks — free parking on Sundays, everyday after 6 p.m. and on Stat Holidays. If that’s not a reason to love Saskatchewan, I don’t know what is.

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14. You feel overwhelmed in other cities’ airports.

Why do they need all those terminals?? Our airports only have like 3 terminals and we’re getting along just fine.

15. Spotted: People who wear camo all day, ’er day.

Camo shirts, camo sweatsuits, camo hats, pink camo… camo everything. Apparently it’s always hunting season here.

16. There’s a 50% chance that the next person you meet is from a small town.

“Hello, I’m from (insert small town), north of (insert small town), near (insert small town).”

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17. You like Saskatoon berries better than any other berry.

Mhmm, gimme that Saskatoon berry pie!

18. You’re not fazed by people walking around in what appears to be cowboy costumes.

It’s fine — those are actually real clothes here.

19. You know all the lyrics to "The Last Saskatchewan Pirate" by The Arrogant Worms. 

You don't even like the song, but you always belt it out anyway.

20. As soon as it’s 10 degrees, you’re going to see people outside in shorts.

We jump at the chance to catch a little sun. Is that such a crime?

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21. There are two types of people: those who go to Ness Creek and those who go to Craven.

It’s the ultimate showdown: hipsters and camping, versus cowboys and beer.

22. Regina and Saskatoon people have an ongoing feud.

Not sure why … we just don’t like eachother, alright??

23. If you are having a bad day, all you need to do is go for a walk outside and at least 3 strangers are guaranteed to smile at you.

Saskatchewan is the known for it’s friendly people — and we know it’s true!

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