Here in Saskatchewan, we know better than anyone what it feels like to experience frequent mood swings during the winter months. Mother Nature never seems to take it easy on us and often times we are left to bare an excruciating cold that makes us want to throw an adult temper tantrum, sleep all day, and involuntarily use all of our sick days at work because we actually are sick.

And you know what I realized after pondering all of this? We are basically like Snow White's Seven Dwarfs in all of their moody glory. Here's a hilarious take on the truth behind how winter in Regina makes us feel.

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That one friend that’s always cheerful as f*ck well before the Christmas season. It might be colder than a snowman’s heart outside but that doesn’t stop them from spreading the love throughout Regina. Their holiday Pinterest board has been chalk full of DIY wreath ideas, fancy eggnog cocktails, and holiday party themes since October but you probably already know that because they can’t contain their excitement over it.

Things they’re known for: Christmas shopping at the Cornwall Centre six months in advance, hosting a holiday party every year, and saying things like, "I just like to smile, smiling's my favorite."

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That one friend who becomes a meaner version of themselves during the winter months. Cheering them up is like walking down Scarth street when it's icy, you have to be real careful. It’s only a matter of time before you experience a full-blown rant about horrible driving conditions on Ring Road, scraping windshields, and all the inconveniences that snow brings into their life.

Things they’re known for: Constantly complaining about Regina weather, hating on people who start playing Christmas music in October, and taking personal snow days because they feel like it.

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That one friend that will shy away from any winter related activity in Regina because it makes them feel all kinds of nervous. Bone-chilling temperatures? Nope. Icy ring roads? Nope. Wearing so many layers you can’t breathe? Nope. There’s a good chance you’d literally have to drag them outside into the cold and even if you did they’d probably sneak back into the car when you aren’t looking.

Things they’re known for: Refusing to drive in and around Regina when the roads are icy, developing weather-induced anxiety and being prone to windburn so bad that their face is constantly red.

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That one friend that makes like a bear and hibernates for the winter. Don’t bother inviting them to festive social outings like the McMorris & McMorris Gala because they will most likely bail on you to snuggle under the covers and binge watch their favorite Netflix series.

Things they’re known for: Being a hermit, finding a boyfriend/girlfriend for winter so they have someone to be a hermit with, and owning an adult onesie.

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That one friend that does something stupid every winter in Regina. They aren’t afraid of Mother Nature and her vicious ways and it usually gets them into trouble. They aren’t the best of drivers and you probably wouldn’t want to be stranded with them during a Saskatchewan snowstorm.

Things they’re known for: Having an infamous record for winter related fender benders on Victoria Ave, experiencing frost bite at least once in their life, and running out of gas on Highway 1 when it’s -30.

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That one friend that’s ALWAYS sick during the winter months. Their immune system senses the cold frigid weather coming through Regina and immediately goes into Mayday mode and shuts down. Their social life takes a toll because of their constant runny nose problems so the majority of time spent with them is over a cup of tea in a place like Le Macaron where there's a fireplace to keep warm.

Things they’re known for: Having a ridiculous supply of NeoCitron and Nyquil, carrying a pack of Kleenex on them at all times, and withholding the longest record for days spent living with a cold.

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That one friend that’s always willing to lend a helping hand. They are also the one that always seems to be prepared for any winter situation in Regina that you have to shovel your way out of. If your car is stuck, you can count on them to get you out. If you didn’t dress warm enough, chances are they have an extra sweater on hand too.

Things they’re known for: Going out of their way to help you with Sask winter problems, texting or calling you to make sure you got home safely even if you just drove two blocks down Albert, and constantly reminding you how important it is to get the flu shot.

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