Well boys, now that the truth is out about Regina's single men, it's time to give you a heads up on what you're in for when it comes to Regina's single women. There's a good chance that you've swiped right on all of us...multiple times. If your Tinder game seems to be losing its charm, it might be time to start meeting girls IRL instead.

Although proceed with caution, our drunk selves aren't always our best selves. We apologize in advance if we spill a drink on your white shirt, give you the cold shoulder when you're just trying to be a nice guy or give you the number for 241 Pizza instead of our own (blame it on the a-a-a-alcohol).

Consider this a dating guide for a night out on the town with the boys when you're a few beers deep, the liquid courage has set in, and you're ready to make some moves on the ladies. Dating tip: You might want to bring a wingman for backup.

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The girl next door

She's your high school crush that you haven't ever had the courage to ask out on a real date. She checks all the boxes when it comes to "having your shit together" and is potential girlfriend material. She always shows up with her girl posse so you usually need a wingman or two to execute a successful pickup strategy. She likes to party and let her hair down but you won't ever find her dancing on the table with her thong hanging out.

Her favorite bar: Lot Club

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The girl with the gypsy tattoo

She's a free spirit and always seems to keep you guessing. The mainstream hype isn't really her thing but she loves the local music scene and hanging out with the artistic crowd. She's known to dance her heart out and engage in intellectual debates over a couple pints.

Her favorite bar: O'hanlons

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The girl who is the definition of "white girl wasted"

She's got her party dress on, a double vodka in hand, and a posse of equally obnoxious girls by her side. They're at the club for one reason only and that reason is to turn the f*ck up. She's down for a little bump n' grind on the dancefloor and might give you her number but she probably won't remember who you are the next day.

Her favorite bar: Gabbos

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The girl who dances like a pornstar after a few too many drinks

She's the kind of girl who likes to get in trouble after-dark. You aren't really sure what kind of girl she is by day, but you do know that if she's five tequila shots deep, there's a good chance she'll be in the mood for a little pole dancing. It's best to flag this one as a parental advisory because there will be explicit content.

Her favorite bar: Habanos

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The small town girl

She's a low-maintenance kind of girl that can shotgun a beer better than most guys. She's not big on the club scene and prefers to hang out in a country bar where she can sing Fishin' in the Dark with her friends and two-step the night away. If you need a drinking partner in crime for Craven, she's your girl.

Her favorite bar: Eldorado's or The Pump

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The girl who turns heads

You know when this girl enters the room because all eyes are on her. She's sexy, seductive and she's not afraid to show off her twerking skills. Fellas, you're going to want to sit down for this one because she's about to steal the show.

Her favorite bar: The Hookah Lounge

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The rookie party girl

The rookie party girl is a lot like Bambi trying to find its legs. She can probably count on her fingers how many times she's been drunk at the bar because she recently just celebrated her 19th birthday. It's a whole new booze-filled world out there for her so she's the one to count on if you want to go out every weekend.

Her favorite bar: Practically anywhere because she's officially legal but most likely The Owl

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