Looking back on my days as a student at the U of R, I've realized how unproductive my study habits actually were. Mostly because I'm the kind of person that puts the pro in procrastination and would cram as much studying as possible in the 24 hours prior to writing any final. I'm sure there's a lot of you that are totally guilty of doing this too.

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Now that I've had a few years post-university to experience adult life as an amateur, I feel like I have the ability to provide some useful advice for those of you who are currently in university busting your ass in hopes of making it out alive. I know finals seasons is looming around the corner so before you prepare yourself for a mental break down, take this one piece of advice and tuck it into your textbook: don't worry, you got this, just chill out a bit.

And this is the part where you say, "How the hell am I suppose to chill out when I have 3 labs, 7 papers, and 5 finals within a span of 10 days?!?" Well, here are a few things you can do in Regina that will help your get through it if you just make the time to give your brain a break.

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Go for a swim at the Lawson Aquatic Centre

It's definitely no beach but swimming a lap or two will ease the stress you've been feeling and get your mind thinking about different things like how to butterfly stroke.

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Get outside and go for a walk around Wascana Park

If you're four hours deep into a study session and you're starting to lose all concentration, take a break and go for a walk around the park. Your brain will love you for giving it some time to hit refresh before you hit the books again.

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Check out a standup comedy show at The Laugh Shop

There's always that one point during finals where you're on the verge of sobbing uncontrollably in public. When you start to feel that point coming out, fight back those tears and go do something that will make you laugh. FYI, there's a Groupon for this.

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Hurl some axes into the air at Lumberjax.

Doesn't studying just make you want to throw or break shit? Well, the good news is, you can. Take your anger out at Lumberjax and de-stress by throwing some axes at a wall.

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Get your creative juices flowing at Art House by Brianne Urzada

There's nothing fun about memorizing cue cards repeatedly or spending hours mastering a cheat sheet. Take yourself out of the study zone and into the creative zone by engaging in something that's not so hard on the brain.

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Venture away from the university campus and hang out at a coffee shop

Sometimes all you need is just a change of location. Instead of locking yourself in a study room for hours, go to a coffee shop you've never been before and hermit there for an afternoon.

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Go for a float session at Serenity Float Spa

If you're the kind of person that runs on nothing but caffeine fumes during finals season, you probably are going to need some time to just CTFO. Float tanks are a great way to relax and recover both the body and mind. FYI, there's a Groupon for this.

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Take a Shake Your Hot Bodhi class at Bodhi Tree 

All that studying is going to tense you up a little so take a break and let loose at the shake your hot bodhi class. It's a mix of funk, pop, hip-hop, and reggae tunes and hot yoga.

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Go grab a bite at The Owl 

Cramming for finals usually means losing yourself in a black hole of textbook paragraphs and forgetting to eat. Don't do that to yourself, take a much-needed break and stuff your face with some delicious pub food. FYI, there's a Groupon for this.

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