Hey there, how are you doing? Finals season is officially underway and I just want to check in and make sure you're hanging in there. You've probably been running on nothing but caffeine-fumes and Henderson cheese bun sandwiches for the past week or so and maybe you've been on the verge of tears because you just can't seem to find a nice and quiet place to study.

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I feel you, I was once a complete stress case wandering every single hallway of the U of R campus in hopes of finding a quiet place where I could hermit for hours on end. At first, it seemed as though I had to be there at the crack of dawn or during the middle of night to find some much needed solitude, but after four years of bascially living on campus I found some hidden gems. It wouldn't be right if I didn't share them with you, so I'm gonna let you in on some of the best spots.

Here are the top 9 hidden study spots at the University of Regina. Good luck!

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Location: Research & Innovation Building, floor 2-4

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Location: Research & Innovation Building, 1st Floor

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Location: Riddell Centre, right outside the Schmiatcher Theatre

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Location: First Nations University of Canada, 1st floor

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Location: Education Building, 1st floor

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Location: Language Building, 2nd floor

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Location: Dr. John Archer Library, 4th floor

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Location: Adhum Building, 4th and 5th floor

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Location: Campion College Library

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