Sephora Canada is every makeup lover's favourite retailer. The beauty store has a huge selection of makeup, so whenever they have a major sale, we all know it's going to be amazing because you'll be getting deals on tons of beloved beauty brands. 

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We're happy to announce that Sephora Canada will be having a massive sale for Black Friday this year that does not disappoint. You can enjoy their sale both in-stores and online.

@sephoracanadaembedded via  

They haven't officially released their Black Friday Deals on their website yet, but have given an exclusive sneak preview on their app. We took the liberty of checking for you so that you know exactly what deals to get as soon as the sale drops tomorrow on November 23rd. 

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Several products are under $20, which is a serious steal for high-end makeup. There's even a Sephora eyeshadow palette that's only $6! Check out some of the items that will be on sale for the 2018 Black Friday Sale: 

Via Sephora

Via Sephora

Via Sephora

Via Sephora

More discounts and sales will be announced once Sephora's Black Friday Sale officially drops, and this is just a preview of the many discounts to come. If this is only a glimpse, we can't wait to see what deals are in store. 

So make sure to get on the Sephora Canada website or to a Sephora store tomorrow on November 23rd so that you don't miss out on the huge savings. 

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