While many celebrities and beauty gurus on YouTube and Instagram are getting lip injections, for your average girl, getting a needle stabbed in your lips so they can look bigger can definitely be intimidating. Not to mention, lip fillers are expensive. 

But thanks to Shay Mitchell and her celebrity makeup magician Ariel Tejada, we can now get the "lip filler" look without actually having to go under the needle. Last night, Shay uploaded a video on her YouTube channel, showing how Ariel creates the perfect pouty lip look on the Pretty Little Liars star and the effect is insane. 

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The lip look is incredibly easy to create, and with a little practice, will only take five minutes to perfect. This is how to get the look:

1. Start from the outer corners of your mouth and begin to line your top lip as you would normally staying very close to the lip line, working from the outer edge inwards.

Via YouTube/Shay Mitchell

2. When you begin to reach the cupid's bow, start to overdraw the lips ever so slightly just above the lip line (don't go crazy though!). You want to create a pout and give more focus to the centre of the lips.

3. Repeat the same process with the other side of the top lip.

Via YouTube/Shay Mitchell

4. For the bottom lip, begin to line from the outer corners of the lips and work your way inwards. Similar to the top lip, line from the outer edge staying close to the lip line, and as you work your way to the centre, you want to overdraw very slightly below the lips to create a shadow effect.

Via YouTube/Shay Mitchell

5. Then begin to fill in the outer edges of the lips with the lip liner to darken the outer corners creating a gradient effect.

Via YouTube/Shay Mitchell

6. Optional: To create super clean lip line, use a bit of concealer on a flat concealer brush and line just beneath the lower line.

Via YouTube/Shay Mitchell

7. Finally, use a lipstick or gloss of your choice that matches the lip liner to fill in the rest of your lips, and simply line your lips once again with the same lip liner to create definition, and you're finished!

If you want to create a very pouty lip and up the ante a bit, you can use a few more shades of the colour of your choice and apply from the darkest shade that matches your lip liner to the lightest shade, working your way to the centre of the lip. This creates a beautiful gradient effect that gives your lips an even more realistic pout.

Here is the full video for Ariel's instructions! He will mention all the products that he uses to create Shay's incredible pouty nude lip, so you can get the same look too.

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