We’ve all been there - your best friend announces that he or she has gotten into a relationship, and you’re left feeling torn. While you should be completely overjoyed that he or she has finally found love and happiness with, you can’t help but feel a little bitter because it was supposed to be you and your best friend against the world forever.

The worst part is you can’t even be mad, despite the fact that everything in your once-perfect friendship is about to change. When you spend years making your best friend your entire world, it’s absolutely devastating when they suddenly move on to another person. Slowly, they start phasing you out of your life - texts remain unanswered, plans get cancelled, invites to do fun things stop coming - it feels like you just lost a huge part of yourself.

If you’re currently in a situation like this, you can take some comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. Single people from all over the world are dealing with the same thing, and many of them have taken to Twitter to vent their feelings as a sort of emotional release.

Here are some of the best tweets about losing a best friend because of a new relationship:

Feeling like you’re losing your best friend is so hard, but it’s nothing you can’t overcome. The best case scenario is that your best friend doesn’t get too wound up in the relationship and still tries to gives your friendship the same time and attention…

But in the likelihood that doesn’t happen, and it’s really likely to happen, you might just have to do what you’ve been trying to hard to avoid doing all this time - move on.

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