It's no secret that data phone plans in Canada are unreasonably expensive. It's borderline criminal. Some people are actually paying as much as $75 a month for a measly 1 GB. One gig. And unlimited data? Forget about it.

The closest Canadians ever got to getting a 'good' deal was back in December, when Freedom Mobile's $60/10GB promotion caused a domino effect among telecomms companies across the country. It may have been the first time any company went after Big Three — the sudden drop in price forced them to lower their own rates to avoid losing customers and to stay competitive. Needless to say, everyone went crazy.

But it shouldn't have to be that way. Canadians should have access to cheaper data phone plans without having to wait for a rare promotion to shake things up. Tobias Lutke, the founder and CEO of Shopify, agrees with this:

"We need to get wireless data to be cheaper here to make Canadian's digital familiarity and disposition more in line with other advanced economies," he tweeted regarding the issue."

Speaking of 'other advanced economies,' a Canadian redditor posted a listing of current data phone plans in Australia, and the difference in the pricing is staggering. Not only do the 10 GB plans cost almost half as much as they do in Canada, but they even offer packages for up to 90 GB (and at reasonable prices too).

Canadians chimed in with a variety of thoughts and emotions in the thread. Naturally, many were shocked at how much cheaper the phone plans were down south, and expressed their frustration at the lack of work being done by the Canadian government to get our country on Australia's level.

Here are some of the top comments from the thread. Do you agree with what these people had to say?

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