Happy February everybody! Whether you are in a relationship and are counting down the days till V-day or are single and planning to spend the holiday watching rom-coms with your friends, Valentines Day is a pretty big day for some. Not only in the real world but in the online world especially, considering everybody likes to give their bae a shoutout via their socials on the biggest couple day of the year.

Though you may notice a new trend swarming your news feed this hallmark holiday.And regardless of whether you're single or not, it's going to get annoying so brace yourself. That, of course, is the new trend "sporking." No, we are not talking about the cutlery hybrid. So what exactly is sporking? Let's take a look:

@couplegoalsembedded via

@couplegoalsembedded via

Yeah... so it's basically a photo of a couple mid dry hump straddling each other. Whenever I see these kinds of photos I just always have so many questions. Who is taking this photo? How do you even suggest this to your partner?  Hey can I like... straddle you for Instagram? Apart from my own curiosity on how people are down to put themselves through the inevitable awkwardness that has got to come with the process of taking this kind of picture, apparently this pose is going to be a hot trend this Valentine's Day, lucky us.

While there's zero science to this, you'd be lying if you didn't say you noticed the pose has definitely been picking up more traction on social media than usual. Maybe it has to do with the Instagram algorithm change knocking people's engagement down? What better way to bring it back up than with a couple's thirst trap photoshoot(?????)

@couplegoalsembedded via

Regardless of whether you will be spending your Valentine's day sporking the day away, hoping to get the perfect shot for Instagram or not. Let's all just admit that this is a really weird trend and nobody wants to see it on their news feed.

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