Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Starbucks is basically the holy grail of any coffee, latte or frappuccinos related drinks. Canadians may favour Tim Horton's drip brew, but when it comes to unique drinks, Starbucks has them beat every single time. 

Once again, Starbucks brought the spooky holiday spirit when they created their Witches Brew Frappucino. The drink looks like something that was definitely conjured up at Hogwarts but while it's bizarre colour may deter you, it actually tastes freaking amazing! 

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In the company's press release, they say that the drink is made with a pinch of toad’s breath, a dash of bat warts, plus a sprinkle of lizard scale on top. In reality, the purple drink is made out of orange crème, warts made out of chia seeds, plus whip cream and matcha powder on top.

What's honestly mind-blowing about the frappuccino is that even though it's purple in colour, it straight up tastes like a dreamy orange creamsicle. Seriously, one sip makes you think of a hot summer day enjoying the ice-cream filled orange popsicle! 

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Since the drink is available for a limited time, Narcity Staff figured it would be the perfect time to actually try the drink out for ourselves. We picked up the frappuccino in Toronto and it honestly lived up to the hype. 

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Not only did it taste like a creamsicle, the frappuccino actually lived up to the amazing photos circulating online. While the chia seeds are a little disorienting, it really makes this Halloween drink feel like Harry Potter's polyjuice potion. 

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Of course, this drink is a holiday treat and filled with sugar. The Halloween drinks have been special from Starbucks since 2014, including the Franken-Frappuccino, Frappula Frappuccino, and last year's Zombie Frapp. 

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You can grab your Witches Brew Frappuccino at any Starbucks across Canada but don't trick yourself by missing out on this treat. The drink is $5.45 for a grande and will only be available until Halloween! 

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