As if we needed another disgusting dating term to worry about. But here it is: stashing. Is this step-up or step-down from the horrors of ghosting? We'll leave that for you to decide. Stashing is defined as when someone you're dating/seeing/even official with hides you from their close friends, family, or social media. Sound horrible yet? Because we're already scared. 

Stashing can happen in a variety of ways. While ghosting, albeit terrible, is pretty concrete - your S/O simply drops off the face of the earth without any notice - stashing can be a lot more subtle, and in some ways, dangerous. 

Haven't met any of their friends/close family in the 6-months of being together? Stashing. Do you post cute Instagrams that they untag themselves in/ completely ignore? Stashing. Do you post pics of them on your Snapchat story when you're out somewhere cool and they purposely get you out of the frame? Yup, you guessed it. Stashing too. 

Stashers most likely hide you because they don't want to have to commit to anything serious yet. By keeping your relationship ~*ambiguous*~ they avoid any talks about exclusivity, the future or how they actually feel about you. They might not think of you as a serious partner and therefore don't feel it necessary to bring you up to their family and friends. 

Don't fret though. If you haven't met your bae's family or friends, it could very well mean that it just hasn't come up naturally yet, or that they're worried about how all of you will get along. 

If you do have some serious doubts/worries with your S/O: bring them up. It can be scary but a conversation's a great way to understand what's going on and where you're relationships heading - especially if it's not in the direction you want. And if you do get some bad vibes and don't see it ending particularly well...don't let them stash you, cut your losses & don't look back. 

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